Xbox One X Will Help Microsoft Win Black Friday in the US, Pachter Believes; PS4 to Win Globally

The Xbox One X will help Microsoft to win Black Friday in the US, analyst Michael Pachter believes, but Sony’s PS4 will win globally.

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DeadSilence326d ago ShowReplies(6)
AizenSosuke326d ago

Get Real! That's like Ganju getting a bankai lol

lxeasy323d ago

Xbox will win in US for November in other regions PS4 or Switch will win. I think Xbox has a chance at winning November in UK as well seeing as how it sold over 80 thousand units when it launched.

FallenAngel1984326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Ain’t no way in hell that’d happening. PS4 & NS realistically will come out ahead of XO this weekend

Dlaw76325d ago

Nintendo fans don't like you I hope you know that so quit trying to put it like it's Sony and Nintendo against Microsoft

jlove4life325d ago

I dont think thats the motive but switch and ps4 has more exclusives and selling for 299 switch and 200 to 399 ps4 or pro vs 499 xbox x since that's the topic but you can throw in 189 xbox s if you like at the end of the day i personally feel switch buzz and large global sales [more friends playing] is more than enough to win black Friday weekend

BlackTar187325d ago

Nintendo fans don't like you? Lol what kind of crap is that? Rofl chill bro

Dlaw76325d ago

Blacktar crazy as this site is you telling me to chill out

FallenAngel1984325d ago

Pachter says he believes that Xbox One X will win Black Friday. Of course I’m going to speak on that inaccurate guesstimate

Italiano1234567325d ago

I agree simply because its still 500 bucks. People go out for the deals on black friday and the x isnt on sale

SpaceRanger326d ago

Well they were riding on Forza again this year and with it selling well below the worst sales performing niche titles, I’d say that none of this is possible for MS from a common sense math standpoint.

Apocalypse Shadow326d ago

**Xbox One X Will Help Microsoft Win Black Friday in the US, Pachter Believes; PS4 to Win Globally**

The first part is between the hours of 2PM and 4PM. The second part is a Captain Obvious statement.

MatrixxGT325d ago

I honestly thought switch would be on top but everywhere i went yesterday you was sold out ps4 as of 3pm. You could get a pro at certain stores but PS swept black friday by a landslide. Sorry patcher, wrong again.

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The story is too old to be commented.