New My Hero Academia Game Teaser Site Opened by Bandai Namco

Rejoice fans, for our time might finally be here! ShonenGameZ has been fairly outspoken with how badly we want a My Hero Academia video game, and it seems like one might actually be in the works! B…

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Rangerman1208419d ago

I hope the next Hero Academia games takes notes from Xenoverse and Naruto instead of J Stars, One Piece Burning Blood and Saint Seiya. Here's hoping that the game won't be an unbalanced (or blandly simplistic) arena fighter with a limited boring story mode and weird game designs.

Ashlen418d ago

Awesome, Bandai Namco has got the anime games on lock down.

Rangerman1208418d ago

However, you really need to keep your expectations low (inb4 dislikes) because not ALL of their anime games are great, with the SAO games, Asterisk War, Gundam VS Force, Burning Blood, J Stars, Eyes of Heaven, and Saint Seiya (including some of their Japan-only games like Hero Academia Battle for All and Seven Deadly Sins on the 3ds). They aren't terrible; they're just mediocre, and I hope Bandai Namco's doesn't clumsily execute its upcoming anime games like Seven Deadly Sins, FighterZ and Little Witch Academy.

thejigisup417d ago

I have to say, some of those titles are absolutely garbage. Jstars had great potential but was fun for about 15 minutes. The SAO games are extremely underwhelming, i dont feel like the've captured the show or manga in anyway other than name. Games based on anime or manga need to be on par with all other AAA games at least in terms of playability. I was so let down with some of these games because they arent even good games compared to other standalone titles.

DarXyde418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

PS4 and Xbox 360?

Also, am I the only one getting DNS errors when trying to access the site?

thatguyhayat417d ago

Nope. Its happening to me too.

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