World Of Final Fantasy's Meager PC Port Comes With Some Powerful Cheats

Former PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusive World of Final Fantasy arrived on PC this week, though don’t get too excited. It’s locked at 30fps, has next to no video options and those that are present can’t be accessed in game. Instead, PC players got some pretty powerful built-in cheats.

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Null1980328d ago

The Vita is actually my preferred choice with this game. It looks really good for a Vita title and is perfect for on-the-go gaming. I plan on picking up the PS4 version on sale so I can use cross save.

Sad to hear the PC port was cheaply done, as I am a PC gamer on other titles. :\

kevnb328d ago

Ya the pc port is basically the ps4 version.

328d ago
datriax328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Ah yes. Typical SquareEnixe fashion. The EA of Japan.

Shovel out effortless pile of s**t, charge stupid price for it because you still think it's 1998, and that you are SquareSOFT, and everything you make is pure gold. LOL

Your magic died long, long ago SE.

Null1980328d ago

World of Final Fantasy is actually a pretty good game though. I've enjoyed it so far.

Glad to hear they've announced a sequel for Japan. I would assume it will come to the West.