The Best PlayStation 4 Games

These are the best ways to spend time with your PS4.

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I'm currently playing The Last Guardian and have NieR Automata otw 😎

sammarshall102425d ago

Uncharted 4, TLOU, Nier, Until Dawn and The Order 1886 for me. I love these games

AnubisG425d ago

All those games are awesome. I wish they made an Until Dawn 2. That game was so amazing. Completely blew me away.

sammarshall102425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Me too it really took me by surprise how great it is. I think there's a lot they could explore with a Until Dawn 2 like different settings or times

SickSinceSix425d ago

Until Dawn is getting a PSVR prequel next year called The Inpatient "Set 60 years before the nerve-shredding events of PS4 smash hit Until Dawn, you awaken in a strange medical facility, with no memory. It’s up to you to discover why you’re trapped within Blackwood Pines Sanatorium – and uncover a chilling conspiracy lurking within its shadows." An Until Dawn 2 would be awesome too though.