PlayerUnknown's: Battlegrounds surpasses 22 million sales on Steam

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are today with the game surpassing 22 million copies on Steam.

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Cyborgg356d ago

I got this on PC. It gets boring fast and the maps are limited

ONESHOTV2356d ago

well that happens when you play it none stop I'm sure you have other games on your account so play something else this happens to me a lot when I play any shooter or any genre of games don't obsess over a game and then say you are bored of it when you played it like it's the only game you have.

Goldby356d ago

or you know, it just got boring after a match or two.

same thing happened to me with fortnite. i played a game here or there and now i dont even touch it

FriedGoat355d ago

It's a boring and buggy game. I do wonder why anybody cares about these sales figures, especially when 80% of it is just the Chinese.

bolimekurac355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

not at all, its that type of game and its huge. 22 million people says that this game has legs and will continue to grow

not every game is for every player but its doing something right because 22 million sales is nothing to sneeze at.

im just waiting for the negative nillies to start their its not my type of game or how can people like this game etc.. meanwhile its selling over 22 mill

Damthatsword355d ago

Beyonce sold more than Beethoven last year. Junk food sells more than healthy ones. Your point is nonexistent basically. It's fine if ppl wanna play this buggy mess, but let's not forget what it really is in the world of game design. and easy trash.

lindquist355d ago

Derksoolz: that doesnt mean Beyonce and junk food isnt delicious ;)

PunisherRevenge355d ago

Wow....that is amazing and only on PC. Before we know it this game will be putting up GTA5 numbers.

cfc83355d ago

Goodness knows why. Very over- rated.

bolimekurac355d ago

just like i expected, let me guess , its on xbox and pc and not on ps4 so the game sucks for sure right?

cfc83355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

No. Got mixed up with the one i played on xb1. Fortnite ? ...maybe they're both over-rated.

bolimekurac355d ago

over rated and not your type of game are 2 different things, when a game sells 22 million copies chances are if you dont like it , its not your type of game. over rated would mean everyone is playing it but the game actually sucks and pubg doesnt suck but it for sure isnt everyone type of game.

minecraft isnt over rated but it isnt everyone's type of game yet manages to have millions of players each month playing it and along with every other minecraft (story mode etc. ) release

cfc83355d ago

Over-rated and not my type of games aren't two different things. We draw comparisons between titles, and look at the map and mechanics etc. I think these bandwagon games aren't doing gamers any favours. Call of duty is also another example of being over-rated, because many of the people who play it don't know or care about what makes a good game, such as hit detection.

Damthatsword355d ago

Agreed. This is an objectively badly designed, trashy mess. And I love how ppl convince themselves with these sales numbers. As if more sales equate to Jack sh*t. Riyahna outsold Bach at some it's not exactly a compliment when you say it sold a lot. Trash sells. Get over it.

355d ago
Gardenia355d ago

DrDisRespect with 50 billion followers has something to do with this

OMGitzThatGuy355d ago

And he is only half way up.

Goldby349d ago

With only 7.6 Billion people on earth, it isn't anywhere near 50 billion followers,
Currently he is sitting at about 1.3 million followers