4K Xbox 360 Games Tested on Xbox One X. Halo 3, Gears 3, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed + More

Microsoft is enhancing Xbox 360 games to run at 4K on the X - but what resolutions are you actually getting, how well do they run, and what are the drawbacks, if any? Rich takes a look at all seven X-enhanced 360 titles, plus you get a quick look at how Xbox One X handles Grand Theft

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Obscure_Observer386d ago

From 720p to 2160p.

Witchcraft! O.o

2pacalypsenow384d ago

No it's called coding.

Although for some it can be considered witchcraft.

Zeref383d ago

Microsoft has the smartest and brightest engineers in the world. BC is a testament of that. Now they just need more talented game studios.

maybelovehate385d ago

Didn't realize that the MS BC team was doing all this on their own. Very impressive.

Gman32384d ago

yup i hope they enhanced more BC xbox360 games like gears of war 2,red dead redemption,gta4,

AizenSosuke385d ago

Very spectacular piece of hardware the X is.

KionicWarlord222384d ago

Stuff like this makes Xbox One X first class.

Tazzy384d ago

First class for a console thats ONLY enhancing old games?? If Sony or Nintendo were doing this you wouldn't be giving them any credit. Xbox is on a first class kick but its a first class kick out of the game industry their games will be on all platforms after the Xbox One X flops. They'll never recover after losing over million sales the Xbox 360 crowd didn't flock to the Xbox One it isn't going to be any different with the Xbox One X.

KionicWarlord222384d ago

Damn it hurts i see.

Just use some ice on your backside and wipe every 2-4 hours you will be just fine.

strifeblade383d ago

this guy again? pay no attention to him, he believes the x competes with ps5, and the s competes with the pro LOL. He thinks microsoft has 17 million xbox one sales and ps4 over 80 million. Absolutlely delusional. Yes Tazzy, the x is first class simply because on a hardware level it can do things the pro cant, and please spare us the respone

"bu bu bu the ps5..." LOL,

Sonic_Vs_Mario383d ago

"If Sony were doing this you wouldn't be giving them any credit."

Remember PSN classics on PlayStation 3? Sony is already doing it by charging you the games you already own on PlayStation 4, they're not in 4k.

strifeblade383d ago

Tazzy, once again you prove your an utter fool. xbox 360 had 83 million sales- but only after 9 years on the market! A console isnt just born with sales numbers- but Tazzy my boy do you know how many 360s were sold after 4 years on the market? Around than 35 million, and yes the one is hanging around 35 million not including the amount of x units. the xbox one is very much on track to sell the same amount as 360 units- possibly more since those sales include rrod. I told you he dissed the pro when he said that. Why are you so proud to have the one s compete with the pro? You do realize you belittle your console. OWNED

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Tazzy383d ago

Lmao nothing hurts on my backside however reading that you know an awful lot about using ice on the backside and wiping every 2-4 hours it shows that you've had some experience with the issue. Xbox One X isn't first class it don't run games 4k games are TARGETING 4k 30-60fps games use checkerboarding like the PS4PRO within 5 years Minecraft won't be the only game on multiple platforms all Xbox games will. Its going to lose even more sales with the launch of their games on PC those PC gamers aren't playing Forza 7 in 4k they play in 8k with a powerful gaming rig. Hope your backside heals for you it must be a pain in the ass sitting pun intended. :)

Tazzy383d ago

@strifeblade Do some research moron its all about numbers Xbox 360 sold over 84 million Xbox One sold just... 30 million thats a loss of over 54 million sales do you comprehend that?? Xbox One S came out and does very few games in 4k and it came around the same time as PS4PRO and Phil Spencer himself said the PS4PRO is an Xbox One S competitor not a true 4k console. Xbox One X isn't a true 4k console either because games do checkerboarding and if it was a true 4k console developers wouldn't have a problem getting games running in native 4k if they aren't doing native 4k its not a true 4k console either. And since you want to say I shot numbers out allow me to shoot numbers out I'll do it again Xbox 360 sold over 84 million the Xbox One sold 30 million in 4 years that again is over 54 million in sales lost. Now you have the PS4 which is expected to hit a little below 80 million by March 2018 the PS3 sold close to 84 million the PS4 is expected to hit a little shy of those numbers in a shorter time than the PS3. The Playstation sales are still there and it shows with the sales there was no mention by me about Xbox One selling 17 million or any mention about PS5 competing against Xbox One X. Click the link monkeyboy and from what I read and because I have intelligence Phil Spencer clearly said PS4PRO is a competitor against the Xbox One S there for the PS5 will definitely be a competitor against the Xbox One X he stated that himself if the PS4PRO is a competitor against the Xbox One S that means PS5 will be competing against the Xbox One X.

Heres the link about the PS4PRO being a competitor against the Xbox One S click it

And as far as you saying save my RESPONSE.. SPARE THE SITE ANY RESPONSE YOU MIGHT HAVE YOU CAN SIT BACK AND... Shh Shh Shhhhh ut the f$ck up I just schooled your monkey ass.

Tazzy383d ago

@Sonic_Vs_Mario And thats fine but Sony isn't going around saying the PS4PRO can run an old game in 4k 30-60fps they aren't enhancing their games like Xbox is theres a huge difference Xbox One X hasn't shown shit to impress me and I own an Xbox One S.

Tazzy382d ago

@strifeblade I look like a fool lmfao the Xbox 360 sold over 83 million dipshit do your research I'll leave a link for you to show that it sold over 83 million just click it for your proof. CONSOLES AREN'T BORN AT ALL you should have said they don't have sales as soon as they come out see who the fool is??? If a console was born that would mean that a woman would give birth to it and that never happens so you're the utter fool to be saying consoles are born. Wheres your proof that the Xbox 360 sold around 35 million in its first 4 years get a link and prove it to me I bet you can't. The Xbox One isn't having the success the Xbox 360 had it didn't sell 35 million consoles again if it did get a link and show the proof that it did and again you won't be able to do it. You're an utter fool to think the Xbox One is going to sell as good as the Xbox 360 thats not going to happen PC gamers bought the Xbox 360 because Xbox games weren't on PC now they are now that Xbox games are on PC. Theres no need for a PC gamer to buy an Xbox console again they only way it will happen is if they can't buy parts to build their own gaming rigs and settle for consoles. You never said he dissed the PRO when he said that you didn't say it to me thats for sure I just posted the link after you responded the first time when you brought up me saying about PS5 and PS5 was never mentioned by me do your research more before you continue making yourself look like an idiot and with him saying what he said about PS4PRO being a competitor to Xbox One S he pretty much said Xbox One X will be a competitor against the PS5. In reality the PS4PRO isn't a competitor to the Xbox One S its vice versa and the Xbox One S gets blown out of the water by the PS4PRO woohoo what 10 games do 4k on Xbox One S where PS4PRO has a ton more that do 4k. Xbox One X will be a competitor to the PS5 for the fact that the PS5 is going to bury Xbox One X when it comes to specs thats a fact and it will be the same result the PS5 will destroy the Xbox One X in sales. Xbox One X will be #3 in the console war even with the sales of the Xbox One/S combined it won't catch PS4/PRO and it sure won't catch Nintendo with the Switch you're talking about Xbox selling 35 million in 4 years the Switch is expected to hit under 18 million total sales by April 2018 and another 25-30 million in 2018 alone thats a total of..... 42-47 million in just 2 years. And on top of that the Xbox One X is expected to hit just 17 million sales by 2021 shows how those numbers you mentioned are expected to go now you're 18 million off from what you said 35 million in 4 years and what do you know 4 years from now is 2021. #SCHOOLEDYOURASS

Top selling consoles click for proof that the Xbox 360 sold over 83 million #SCHOOLED

Xbox One X sales to hit 17 million by 2021

I give class here 7 days a week on facts and schooling is 100% free Tazzy is your teacher and you're my student. :)

strifeblade381d ago

4 and a half years of sales counted up to 40 million units. Tazzy you proove again what an embicile you are.

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NoPeace_Walker384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

The ability to rendered 720p X360 games 3X to native 4K makes all the difference on 4K TV. I played Gears 3 on the XB1 and then on my X and it is like a different generation. What is more impressive is some games like Halo 3 and Assassins Creed 1 have HDR support too. The X is a magical Beast ! 👍🏼

UnHoly_One384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

The enhanced games list does not show HDR for Assassin's Creed. :(

Tazzy384d ago

A computer is a super magical beast then it can enhance those older games and make them look 10 times better. With a more powerful console the games will look better I don't know if you Xbox fans are aware of this its because they're old you guys can call it a beast all you want but until its running games besides enhanced ones its nothing. I've said it before where is Star Citizen for the Xbox One X its been compared to a high end PC how come it isn't coming to the Xbox One X? Every time I ask an Xbox fan to explain it I never get n answer. Its simple though it can't run the game and there won't be a response from you or anyone else. Theres going to be a bunch of disagrees though I know that there always is. :)

Bigpappy384d ago

That's probably because nobody likes you. Your are an annoyance, like a fly.

384d ago
strifeblade383d ago

try this star citizen isnt coming because the devs are not doing it. Whats so hard to grasp?

GearSkiN383d ago

why would xbox fans have answer for star citizen, maybe u can ask the developers whose making the game why it’s not on console.

Tazzy383d ago

@Bigpappy I honestly don't care if I'm liked or not I'm not the type of person that would sit back and pout about it the disagrees come because Xbox fans don't like the truth. Its the internet its not about being liked you're more than likely the type that gets all excited because he gets people agreeing with him. In the short time I've been here I noticed that people get hit with inappropriate comments for saying anything negative about Xbox when the reason is it hurts their feelings. And you should try typing a sentence correctly... its not YOUR ARE ANNOYANCE LIKE A FLY IT WOULD BE YOU'RE AS ANNOYING AS A FLY. You're welcome typing sentences 101 is in session and I'll be your teacher. :)

Tazzy383d ago

@strifeblade Whats so hard to grasp that if the Xbox One X is being compared to a high end PC it indicates that the Xbox One X can do it grasp the fact that the developers aren't putting it on there because it can't do it. All third party developers are out to make money and put their games on as many platforms as possible to make a shitload of money. Games like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty WWII aren't coming to Switch because it can't run them its that simple another example is if they announced Crysis 4 it wouldn't come to Xbox One X without sacrificing a downgraded version.

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