9 Blood Effects In Games That's Done Right

Justin: The list is not about how much blood you can cram into a scene, or how ridiculous the violence is, but rather something that’ll catch your attention and will make you appreciate the work that went through it. It’s all about the variations of smudges and splatters, the interactivity such as bloody footprints, if there’s physics, or even character model decals such as entry/exit wounds. Safe to say you won’t see Mortal Kombat or MadWorld, it’s all about the style and idiosyncrasy, and I felt that too much of something at times can be an eyesore. Anyway, here’s the list, prepare to see a lot of red.

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ziggurcat1234d ago

... why is bloodborne NOT on this list? that game is all about the blood.

ShwaaMan1232d ago

Lol totally. I mean it’s in the fucking title for Christ sakes and it douses every surface in the game.

Tsar4ever011232d ago

Don't see why the 'OUTLAST' games didn't make this listings?

GrimDragon1232d ago

Now make 9 best breast physics in games.

winter_hill1231d ago

Actually I'd rather see a top 100.

Parasyte1231d ago

They would probably all be Dead or Alive games

theshredded1232d ago

The Evil Within 2 takes the cake