Nintendo Switch vs. Gaming Laptops: Which is Better for Portable Gaming?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

So far, there are nearly 8 million people worldwide who are enjoying the hybrid functionality of the Nintendo Switch. There’s never been such a versatile home system; having the ability to take full console experiences on-the-go is still mind-blowing. But, some have criticized the system, claiming that it still falls far behind that of a gaming laptop. As someone who owns a gaming laptop, I can say I’ve had a few out-of-the-house gaming sessions thanks to it. So, here’s the question: which one of these portable gaming machines offers the best experience?

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maybelovehate332d ago

Laptop for sure. You get so much more than just gaming.

Neonridr332d ago

? The question is which is better for portable gaming.

maybelovehate332d ago

Laptop still wins. Although somewhat depending on the types of games you like. But the games library for a laptop is hundreds of thousands times bigger.

Neonridr332d ago

@maybelovehate - not too sure how portable a gaming laptop is. I mean if I am sitting at a library, or somewhere where I have a table, then sure. But you have to admit that the idea of pulling one of those out on a subway or bus is pretty ridiculous at best.

maybelovehate332d ago

Can't say I have ever had the need to be on a bus or subway so I can't comment on that. But I use laptops on Planes all the time. No issues. Imagine it would be similar. They are called "lap" tops for a reason.

Neonridr332d ago

@maybelovehate - and the mouse goes where on your lap again?

maybelovehate331d ago

@Neonidr: Well you see there was this thing called a touchpad that comes with a laptop. But if you wanted to use a controller that would also be fine.

Neonridr331d ago

@maybelovehate - gaming on a laptop with the trackpad.. gotcha :P

I am only busting your chops, I know that it can work. It's just not ideal under certain circumstances.

cactus1230331d ago

laptops can use almost any game controller, mine uses the x1s controller

mikeslemonade331d ago

Neither. You shouldn't portable game.

vergilxx3331d ago

GPD Win is better for portable gaming ever heard of it ?
portable skyrim was possible long time ago

_-EDMIX-_330d ago

Ok... I mean his answer still applies to that so I'm not sure what you're getting at.

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wonderfulmonkeyman332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Planes tend to be much easier to use a laptop on than busses.
You're given plenty of time and fore-warning, on a plane before it lands, to pack things up.
On a bus/subway, there's just no way.
The moment you lose track of time, you'll find yourself scrambling at the last second to try and shut down any games you're playing in a safe yet quick enough manner to get off the transport in a timely manner, not to mention packing it away after it shuts down.
With Switch, just pause the game, toss it in a carrying case, zip it up, and step off the bus.
If it's a last-second thing, then you can even stuff the Switch in your pocket for a moment while you step off the bus, then put it in its case after you've departed safely.

There's really no comparison in terms of convenience.
You could probably find an argument for laptops in terms of doing more than just gaming or if you're interested only in certain games that exist on said laptop but not on Switch, but outside of subjective games taste and none-gaming programs, for pure gaming convenience and ease-of-use/carry, Switch takes the gold medal easy.

maybelovehate332d ago

Close the lid on the laptop. You are done. It will go to sleep.

Vegamyster331d ago


There is a issue most people don't know about with laptops, gaming on a battery flat out sucks for any some what demanding 3D game. All of the gaming laptops I've had get bad framerate drops & microstutter unplugged, you're pretty much forced to play old games.

wonderfulmonkeyman332d ago

Did that with Skyrim once on my old gaming laptop.
When I opened it up again, the game had crashed and I had lost several hours of progress.

It's not as smooth as just closing the lid sometimes.

maybelovehate331d ago

If true, that was a developer issue, not a laptop issue. Almost all games today auto save.

wonderfulmonkeyman331d ago

There's no evidence of that, and plenty of evidence that it was indeed my laptop, since Skyrim wasn't the only time that happened, and it had happened at least a few times on Skyrim alone, though just one mention of it is enough to get my point across.

Point being; that risk doesn't exist on Switch one way or the other, amongst many other reasons.

maybelovehate331d ago

Explain how the laptop could be responsible for not auto saving lol.

Segata331d ago

I have a Gaming Laptop. I'm not lugging this 13-pound beast everywhere. My Vita or Switch is really easy to bring on the go.

331d ago
_-EDMIX-_330d ago

Much more powerful as well as a larger library of games as well as more options to out to the television as well as multiple control options.

Laptop ftw

Strafe330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Yeah, because that makes it more convenient to play on a train, more options to out to a television. Who buys a laptop with the idea that they want to play it on a tv? No one.

EDIT:Also 'Much more powerful'

Depends on the laptop. And regardless of the laptop, it will age, and some game requirements will change over the course of the years, whereas with the Switch games will always work as they are supposed to.

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Shiken331d ago

To game on the go with a Switch, you need...a Switch.

To game on a laptop, you need not only the bulky laptop, but also a mouse, (touchpad sucks for gaming) or a controller, a place to set your laptop down, external power supply (performance drops significantly on battery power and gaming drains it faster than many realize, much faster than a Switch as a matter of fact), and more room in your baggage to carry it around.

Yeah sorry but these people try to say a laptop is better than a Switch for portability are clueless. A laptop is only really portable in the sense that you can take your gaming pc from point a to point b easily.

The Switch however is portable to where you can easily play not only at point a ir point b, but everywhere in between as well.

Switch wins hands down.

Shiken330d ago (Edited 330d ago )


Well DOOM 2016 runs at a FPS rate all over the place, favoring low twenties in action. Meanwhile the Switch runs a smooth 30 fps with occasional dips when HEAVILY stressed. So why are you trying to use a less effective portable device to argue against the Switch again?

#GDPfail #trollharder

Neonridr332d ago

good luck using a gaming laptop on a subway or bus though.

masterfox332d ago

I really wonder how much is the percentage of actual people that does that, and not to worry to be robbed, this is the excuse I been hearing for gaming handheld for a long time, but yet I don't see almost all the time nobody doing it.

Neonridr332d ago

I see people playing on handhelds all the time. Definitely more so than gaming laptops.

Segata331d ago

I have played my PS Vita in Doctor offices waiting rooms and played my Switch in the Taxi on the way to my mom's place for Thanksgiving.

331d ago
Strafe330d ago

'Team Fortress 2 2017 low 1280x720 21.4 fps'

That's a benchmark for it.

DJK1NG_Gaming332d ago

Uh Switch.
Why would anyone carry a Gaming Laptop?
You will need a charger, usb controller if you use one, mouse if you need one, a laptop case or bag and probably an external HDD if you use one for your laptop meaning you carry way way way more stuff than just carrying you Switch and probably a case for it.

cactus1230331d ago

youll need a charger for switch , youll need joycons , laptops don't need a mouse nor an external hdd. don't you feel silly now. the switch is the size of an 80s cell phone so yeah you've made no argument

DJK1NG_Gaming331d ago

First to play Switch Portable the Joycons need to be connected to it otherwise you can really play any games.

Good luck play First Person Shooters on a gaming laptop without a mouse.

deafdani331d ago

The dude left out some things you need on the Switch, sure... but you still can't compare the amount of bulk a laptop creates against the bulk of the Switch. It's a night and day difference.

I always carry my Switch with joycons and power cable and even the joycon grip, all on my messenger bag, no problem. The bulk and weight are negligible.

Putting a laptop with its power cable and an extra controller would definitely be way heavier and more cumbersome.

Switch is just much more comfortable and convenient for gaming on the go, generally speaking. It's a bit more cumbersome than a normal 3DS, but not by much, and the difference in the gaming experience is enormous.

Overall, Switch wins easily, for me.

331d ago
Prince_TFK331d ago


Defend laptop as the best portable gaming device then proceed to call the Switch the size of an 80s cell phone. Lol can you find any contradiction there?

Laptop can never be as portable as a portable gaming device. If people have the same logic as you then the Gameboy, PSP, and 3DS would have never existed.

Compare the Switch to a phone is one thing, but comparing it to a laptop is just borderline insane.

wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago

Laptops do need a mouse for shooters, and if you don't have a mouse then you're definitely going to need a controller.
The touch pad on a laptop is NOT ideal.
An external HDD may be needed for bigger games, and you absolutely DO need to have the laptop plugged in when playing, otherwise performance drops due to running off of the internal battery.
An issue the Switch doesn't have.
You can play the Switch for up to two and a half hours undocked with intensive games, and even longer with smaller ones, with no performance drops due to not being on a charger.
The Joycons attach to the unit and even then are still WAY more portable than a regular controller is, much less a laptop.
And depending on how long you plan on being out and about, you may not even need the Switch's charger.

You're the one who should be feeling silly at this point.

Foraoise328d ago

Holy SHIT these idiotic "Laptop FTW" morons are STRETCHING SO HARD to find "points". LOL! Switch is better for PORTABLE GAMING. It's more PORTABLE. Therefore it's BETTER FOR PORTABILITY. Fact.

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vergilxx3331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Lol there is a portable windows console called GPD Win and it plays skyrim no problem and its the size of a 3ds
so you have all the steam library on it

its soo much better

Prince_TFK330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Except that is it much weaker than the Switch, the control is clunky, the hardware itself is bulky and very low quality, get burning hot when play Skyrim for a few minutes, and Windows on a 5.5 inch screen is borderline unusable. I own one, and I wish I didn’t bought it. A waste of money.

Skyrim itself run like shit on this device, and it isn’t even special edition like the Switch one. You need to mod it with many low quality graphic and performance mods in order to run it at a stable 30fps. Even then it still drop while in town. So much better? Yeah, no.

vergilxx3330d ago

You talk bullshit and i doubt that you even seen one in person , but anyway there is a GPD Win 2 coming in 2018 which is a major improvement over the original , so yeah

so much better

Prince_TFK330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Lmao. Not everyone is a liar on this site. Just because what I said doesn’t fit your agenda that doesn’t mean I lie.

And I doubt you had ever hold one before you make an assertion that it is better than the Switch. Actually do you have both a Switch and a GPD Win? Or did you just see them on the internet and then pull your judgment out of your ass?

vergilxx3330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I actually have switch and my friend has gpd , if you don't believe me i can pm you my friend code
i actually play skyrim right now

and to be fair , switch is a good device but I'm making a point that you don't need a laptop to play pc games on the buss

Strafe330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

'vergilxx318d ago (Edited 18d ago )
i own it i bought mario switch bundle and the game is overrated , i got to forest kingdom and i haven't played the game since then dynamic resolution is also a minus for this game and it's visable at all times'

So you bought the Mario Switch bundle....

'Haven't played mine for a month now ..
Still no big game announcements too bad I had high hopes for the system
212d ago 1 agree0 disagree'

Full of shit, you're just a liar. Everyone can see your comment history by the way, it's easy to spot a bullshitter. Nice try.

vergilxx3330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

How is that bulshit ?? learn to read you moron
I have one gray switch and mario bundle switch

here is my freind code which is under vergilxx3 name , you can see for yourself if i have switch or not
and what games i play


It's easy to make an idiot out of yourself by checking someones history
not the first time someone tried that trick on me

And for the record , just because someone does not like switch and have different opinion doesn't make him a liar

Foraoise328d ago

Vergil, you're an idiot...

vergilxx3328d ago


and you are a Fanboy and an asshole without anything to say

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