Assassin's Creed Origins suffers from stuttering issues but has not been downgraded at all

Assassin's Creed Origins patch 1.05 introduces annoying stuttering issues on quad-core CPUs, however Ubisoft has not downgraded the game's visuals.

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joab777355d ago

Too bad. Runs great on Pro. Beautiful with HDR. One of my GotY for sure, and I wrote off AC about 4 yrs ago.

kevnb355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Ya it runs at 30 FPS but pretty stable, rumour is that the drm bogs down the cpu on pc :/ . Anyway I’m playing on the pro because of Black Friday deals and I probably can’t quite get 60 FPS with a i5 4460 anyway.

tucky355d ago

The framerate is very bad on all systems. My Dream would be an AC with solid framerate ... ideally 60fps

thekhurg355d ago

I run at 70-90 at all times. Get better hardware.

kevnb355d ago

All the other ones play at 60 FPS on my pc, I’m guessing this one needs a little more work going by what I’ve read.

mkis007355d ago

I'm able to get 1440 running at a mostly stable 60fps. But the 1080ti and 4970k shouldn't be having problems keeping it above 60.