Where Has the PS4 Exclusive WiLD Gone?

Michel Ancel's PS4 exclusive drove people wild and then quickly disappeared.

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AspiringProGenji421d ago

Mike Ansel post a picture on his intagram couple months ago about WiLD. It is not dead. It may be shown at PSX

chrisx421d ago

Was about to say the same thing. Its being worked on for sure and even if no info by PSX, no prob let them take their sweet time.

Outside_ofthe_Box419d ago

It will be shown when it's close to completion, is my guess.

It seem liked a very ambitious game, especially for a indie.

Damthatsword419d ago

Hope youre right. I really hope something is shown on psx. Along with bloodborne 2 or whatever fromsoft have been up to lately.

FallenAngel1984421d ago

The same place where Deep Down is currently hiding

Why o why419d ago

Lol. . I forgot about that

Nodoze419d ago

I think we are seeing bits of deep down in Monster Hunter world. Don't think we will ever see that game as it was previously shown though. I was hoping we would see a new Dragon's Dogma. Capcom come on.

BlackIceJoe419d ago

I think Capcom wants to see how the remake of Dragon's Dogma does before they make a sequel. Hopefully it sells a lot, because the first was one of the most fun RPGs I've played in years and I'd love to see what a sequel could look like.

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hulk_bash1987419d ago

So sad, that game showed so much potential. Come on Capcom get your act together.

2pacalypsenow419d ago

Hanging out with Agent and 8 days.

guyman419d ago

Are you actually being serious? do some research before posting embarrassingly ignorant comments. I see there quite a few of you desperate haters claiming these games are cancelled. Guess it's still tough to digest ps4 exclusive domination

2pacalypsenow418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

"desperate haters"

lol dude calm down, its not that serious..

I would add the Getaway 3 to the list btw...

sammarshall102419d ago

What if Deep Down is a PS5 launch game and it looks better than the reveal trailer, I'd be cool with that

electricbanshi419d ago

True, where has deep down been loool

Ceaser9857361419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

aww!! that's cute not everyone meets the same fate as SCALEBOUND :D but since some Xbox fangirls wont bother doing some digging.. If you follow the devs twitter and Instagram who keeps updating

419d ago
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sammarshall102421d ago

Wild is a very ambitious game I hope they take their time with it I love the setting and being able to take the form of wild animals should be fun

Team_Litt421d ago

Game's gone wild... I'll see myself out

bumbleforce419d ago

Canceled just like deep down that capcom dark souls clone and days gone

yellowgerbil419d ago

ok I can see thinking maybe wild and deep down have been cancelled, but how on earth do you jump to that conclusion with days gone? we've seen fully finished levels that have a polish about them that implies the game is probably ready for an early 2018 release, and the company behind it was just announcing that they are expanding and moving to a bigger building, so if anything that implies they might be starting up a second dev team like naughty dog did

KillBill419d ago

They will still only likely have the single dev team and are simply looking at polishing work on Days Gone and release it around the same time as State of Decay 2 is released for XB1.

They are hiring new people for heading the new game and current team will likely move over as soon as the other title is launched and new title has reached a stage of planning.

DialgaMarine419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Since When was Days Gone cancelled? lol

KwietStorm419d ago

You're thinking of Eight Days. I think..

G20WLY419d ago

Lmao, you're probably right, but still... how embarrassing?! 😂

Prince-Ali419d ago

did you just say Days gone was cancelled...? lool

Are you stupid..?

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