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The Game Fanatics: "Star Wars Battlefront II was a solid enjoyable multiplayer experience with an alright campaign... then EA happened."

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thorstein357d ago

COD BLOPS III gets an 8 but SWBFII gets a 5 because of the exact same type of microtransactions?

Lol what? If you didn't use microtransactions/ loot crates in your reviews of COD WWII or any other review, then you can't use it with this game.

It is only reviewed 1 point higher than Shovelware: Oceanhorn Review | Adventuring Better Left On Mobile?

You just bandwagon'd for clicks. You have no integrity if you just get to make up the scoring criteria as you go.

AnubisG356d ago

Who made you the authority on what reviewers can or can't mention?

Instead of saying they can't mention it now, tell them to mention it every time going forward.

We should tell them it's about time they started mentioning it.

Can you stop protecting EA? Thanks!

thorstein355d ago

Who made you the authority?

You have lost all integrity if all you want to do is make up the criteria for criticism as you go along.

Damthatsword356d ago

Do u even know if it's the same guy/girl who reviewed both?

thorstein355d ago

No. Don't care really. In fact, non contributing zeroes who tear down in a day something they couldn't make in a lifetime have very, very little value to add to the world.

So, why should I care who it is?

TargusX356d ago

Two wrongs don't make a right blud.

thorstein355d ago

Just calling out critics who have no integrity, cuz.

I don't care if it gets a bad score, just pointing out the clear clickbait of the review since the only reason the author gave it a lower score was not a reason to give a different game an equally lower score. Comprende?

AnubisG355d ago

That's your go to line, "you have lost your integrity"?

I can say that too, you have lost all your integrity since you think gambling and pay to win is ok in video games.

thorstein355d ago

And that ends it right there. The feature of what you speak has been turned off since launch. Therefore, there is no gambling on this game. However, other games you reviewed with the exact same system for unlocks is "on" and they get higher scores.

Did you even play the game? To unlock better guns you must reach milestones: 25 kills as assault class... etc.

Just by playing the game you get loot crates. Finish objectives... loot crates. At no point can you even buy them as of this review. So: Integrity Fail.

AnubisG355d ago

Guy, how many times I have to tell you, I'M NOT a reviewer. I don't review games. I did not review SWBF2. Do you understand? Do you have the comprehension of a 5 year old?

What stops it right there you smartass? You know why the MTs have been turned off? Because of guys like me who complained about them but this is only temporary guy. EA said it themselves. They will be coming back. If people like me did not complain than MTs would still be in the game and people like you would be 100% contempt with it. This game has moved to be better because we complained about it. You can progress and unlock heroes much faster because we complained about it. So you shoulf thank us that you got a half decent game now. Because as EA wanted to launch this game, you would have pay to win and still be grinding for your first hero.

And again, just so it get's through your thick skull, I am NOT a reviewer.

Also, your complaint that no one metions MTs in games until SWBF2. That is total horseshit. Angry Joe did in Shadow of War and CoDWW2 as well and deducted points for them. Maybe do some research before you open your mouth and shit on everyone collectively.

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cooperdnizzle356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Well I would give it a 1/10. And here is why. You can’t polish a turd and expect it to be anything other than a polished turd. The Philosophy behind the game is flawed. Just like you wouldn’t say damn that girl is a 10 but she is a Heroin addict. Nope in most eyes that would make her a 0 somone you couldn’t trust or be with so everything is now null invoide! Bam

Bell Boy356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Well I love the game, have unlocked vader and luke now well on my way to the emperor in just a few gaming sessions. I will never buy any credits for cash but I don't see that I would need to anyway to have fun within this game.

Lets see if I can set a record for disagrees because I like a game the internet as deemed I should hate

fenome356d ago

You're welcome. If people weren't hating you probably wouldn't have done all that :p

AnubisG356d ago

It's not the game that people hate. It's the shady business practice EA put into it. If you enjoy it, good for you. Just don't tell others that this is not a big deal.

thorstein355d ago

If people don't hate the game then why'd you give it a 5?

AnubisG355d ago

I'm not the reviewer guy. I did not give it 5.

Mexxan356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

As fenome says.
The amount of these comments I've read really have me concerned about the average IQ of a BF2 player...
Dime Bar all the way.

fenome355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

They're the ones telling EA and everybody else this is okay by giving them billion$, "cause games are expensive to make". I can't believe people actually fall for their crap, it drives me crazy.

I'd hate to see the crap games they'd be playing in 5 years if people just kept letting it slide.

RAM0N 356d ago

I bought the game and I'm liking it so far, It's not even that much of a grind either.

Mexxan356d ago

Another shocker, 2+2=4.
No, don't argue with me...

badz149356d ago

...minus 1 is 3 QUICK MATH!

RAM0N 356d ago

Yep, that's why I bought it now.

Damthatsword356d ago

Good. Garbage should always stay at that score.

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