PS4 Pro Could Have Been An Excellent 1080p/30fps Machine With All The Graphical Bells And Whistles

Sony can guide 3rd party developers towards focusing on premium Full HD enhancements on the Pro, as opposed to half-hearted attempts at "4K."

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DeadSilence328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

What about no?

Horizon looks great and many other games like Ratchet, Infamous, WW2, BF1 and I could go on. you are a great joke and you should be embarrassed of yourself.

TheKingKratos328d ago

This site is cancer ,It's nothing else but trash

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S2Killinit327d ago

What a silly article. The Pro is doing both. You can choose if you want 4K or lower with higher graphics.

At the end of the day the difference between the Pro and XboneX isnt all that much. Besides i havent seen anything as beautiful as games like Horizon or Uncharted on the xbox yet.

MrZweistein326d ago

I totally agree. Entirely click bait based!

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UltraAtomic326d ago


Who cares about how good these consoles are doing. If you like ps games then get a ps4 or pro!! If you game on xbox and want a good upgrade. Then get the x!

Don't start bring sale numbers and making judgment based off that. That's just ignorant. Sales are for investors and the companys satisfaction. Not you the consumer!! You! Should be talking about there games and your experience on the ps4 not sales!! Sooo stop being a dumb fanboy Budd, and that goes for everyone else's in this site.

GamingIVfun326d ago

Truth of the matter, PS4 generation has outsold the Xbox One generation of consoles by over 32 million consoles. The introduction of the Xbox One X is not going to reduce that gap by any significant amount any time soon. If anyone hasn't noticed the PS4 slim and Nintendo switch have been selling very well this month also and they haven't suddenly stopped selling because of the Xbox One X.

The fact is most of the games on Xbox One X are not true 4k and the ones that hit 4k have dynamic resolution and don't stay at 4k throughout the whole game. Another thing even though many of the games on PS4 Pro use checkerboard rendering or even a resolution that's less than 4k there's little difference in the way games look from the Xbox One X version when viewed from a normal distance and only by magnifying the image to count pixels can you tell any real difference most of the time.

Mr Pumblechook326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Duplicate post.

_-EDMIX-_325d ago

Absolutely agreed this website is just complete trash and I'm not even sure why such stupid articles get approved.

I have no idea what a 1080p 30 frames machine is, this is just beyond stupid, the machine does not simply output those settings, a developer creates a game in which takes advantage of said settings.

So at the end of the day Sony or even Microsoft for that matter have nothing to actually do with what a developer decides to do with a game console.

A game developer could decide to make a game running on a damn PlayStation 3 engine running 4K 60 frames....

Or they could decide to make a very demanding engine that Maxes out the system and they could only achieve 1080p 30 frames...

I'm not really sure how stupid a website has to be to not realize that this is developer dependent.

This type of stupidity does not need to be approved on this website and I'm not sure why such dumb articles keep getting approved.

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SlayerUnknown326d ago

Don’t be triggered by gamingbolt guys... it’s what they want

frostypants326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Traditionally N4G has banned such sites after a while. It's a mystery as to how these clowns haven't been.

Mr Pumblechook326d ago

For an affordable price PS4 Pro gives you all the benefits of gaming on the PS4 platform, including the biggest range of exclusives, with improved graphical fidelity.

It's true that some of the most demanding triple-A games use the less sharp dynamic 4K, but Sony had to balance power and performance so priced this model to be a big seller and they got the pricing right as it accounts for 20% of their PS4 sales. GamingBolt's argument is a silly one; yes if compared to the Xbox One X of course the PS4 Pro is less powerful, but this does not mean that the PS4 Pro's improvements over the standard PS4 are redundant - it offers a noticeable improvement! However I do think Sony could do more to ensure developers take advantage of the PS4 Pro's extra horse power.

RacerX325d ago

I really don't get the Xbox vs Playstation hate. I would have both, but I just don't have enough time these days to play all the exclusives that both have to offer. So I play my Xbox.... If I had more time, I'd have both.

galmi325d ago

anti ps = ban
anti xbox + pro ps = good

fascinating logic i suppose

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Obscure_Observer325d ago


"Horizon looks great and many other games like Ratchet, Infamous, WW2, BF1 and I could go on."

Yeah, is trying to hard to downplay the Pro for some clicks. Smh.

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maybelovehate328d ago

True, I think that is the sweet spot for the Pro. 1080p and 30fps. Leave the 4k stuff to the X.

2pacalypsenow328d ago

You do know that a majority of games on the X are upscaled 4k @30fps and not native 4k?

maybelovehate328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Actually the majority of games on X do hit 4k, while they never touch it on Pro. The Pro just isn't made for 4k content. Not enough video memory or bandwidth for it to be realistic. Poor design for the purpose. Sony wanted to cash in on the 4k keyword, while not actually providing a machine capable of it.

2pacalypsenow328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Is there a list of Native 4k games (100% 4k not dynamic) I cant find a list anywhere.

The Pro was never advertised as a 4k gaming machine, unlike MS that now calls everything 4k. Sony said games could reach 4k but that majority would be CBR.

And the Pro does have Native 4k games, not many, but it has them.

You cant call a machine that has "some" native 4k games" a 4k machine.

TankCrossing328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

How can you say the Pro was never advertised as a 4k machine? I've got an email from Sony open on my phone right now, advertising COD WW2.

"Experience Call of Duty: WWII in 4k* on PS4 Pro"
"Call of Duty: WWII - available now in stunning 4k* on PS4 Pro"

If I zoom right into the tiny text disclaimer at the bottom you see their standard Pro disclaimer:
"*Games and entertainment streaming services can output up to 2160p; PS4 Pro upscales lower resolutions up to 2160p".

Sony have very consistently marketed the Pro in this way since launch. This is just the most recent example I have to hand.

Apocalypse Shadow328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Tank, PS4 Pro was advertised as **supporting** 4K and 4K TVs. Not exclusively being a 4K machine. Journalists were calling it PS4K during the rumors before Sony even announced it. But Sony ended up calling it PS4 Pro. Which is like saying it's a PS4 with extra "umph!"

It was the same last gen. Sony advertised PS3 as supporting 1080P, but some gamers took it out of context and said that Sony said all games would be 1080P/60FPS. Which Sony never said.

I look at PS4 Pro as being an anomaly. Normally we saw slim revisions of their consoles. But it's really just Sony getting new tech in their box for the same price they were paying AMD for the original tech of the base PS4. Which is why it still came out at $399 like the launch PS4. And not $499 or $599. Sony is still profiting on both hardware versions.

2pacalypsenow328d ago (Edited 328d ago )


"How can you say the Pro was never advertised as a 4k machine? I've got an email from Sony open on my phone right now, advertising COD WW2. "

Because they advertise games that are 4k on the PS4 PRO. They don't advertise the PS4 PRO as being a 4k console like MS does, from day 1 they said they would use CBR to achieve higher resolutions than 1080p, and even 4k.

Mark Cerny even said to have a real 4k machine it would need a minimum of 8tf of computing power, wich neither Ps4 Pro or Xbox 1 X have.

TankCrossing328d ago

Point being COD:WWII is not 4K on the Pro. Sony just say it is anyway.

All of the marketing material for the PS4 Pro has "4k*" plastered prominently. They may cover themselves with disclaimers and spurious use of the word "dynamic", but saying it is never advertised as a 4k machine is... Well it stretches the word "true" even further than Microsoft do.

2pacalypsenow328d ago


" Well it stretches the word "true" even further than Microsoft do."

You mean making fun of Sony and saying the PS4 Pro is a competitor to the XBox 1 S for using CBR and calling it fake 4k, then doing a 180 because the Xbox 1 X uses CBR and claiming CBR is also 4k?

My UHD blu ray player has 4k advertised all over the place, doesn't mean when I watch Dvd's on it they are native 4k.


All I know is that they run/look better on Xbox One. Go ahead and down vote now 👍

DarXyde326d ago (Edited 326d ago )


Actually, Pro does hit 4k native, just not often. You're lying in saying it never touches it on Pro. I think if the people on this site who care so much about resolution now were consistent all generation, everyone would own a PS4 since Xbox One just wasn't made for 1080p.

bluefox755326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

@maybe You are objectively wrong, and it's easily verifiable. Neither console hits native 4k all or even most of the time (for AAA games). They're both pretty half assed, sorry. Though they're just consoles, and you get what you pay for.

Tazzy326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Some people don't understand things when it comes to consoles I mean Xbox fans were harping on PS4PRO doing checkerboarding but now that the Xbox One X does it its totally fine that it does it. The Last of Us 2 looks better than anything I've seen on Xbox One X there isn't a huge leap in graphics to me between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X Forza 7 side by side looked a little better on the Xbox One X. And

@TankCrossing You're a big time Xbox fan why would you even get an email from Sony about the PS4PRO if you weren't a secret fan?? I have a PS4PRO and Call of Duty WWII looks amazing on it. The big thing is sure the PS4PRO says it does 4k but the Xbox One X says FEEL TRUE 4K where?? True 4k would mean native 4k in all games and the games wouldn't use checkerboarding BUT... they do its not TRUE 4K neither console is but atleast Sony isn't saying the PS4PRO is true 4k. Call of Duty WWII uses checkerboarding any game that uses checkerboarding the consoles they're on aren't TRUE/NATIVE 4k so there for Xbox One X is't a TRUE/NATIVE 4k machine for the fact that it uses checkerboarding.

LateNightThirst326d ago


The Pro is marketed as a 4K device, its why Sony put the 4K HDR symbol on the box that the console sells in. It also had 4K written all over its marketing, both mid-gen upgrades are aimed at "4K" gaming with the One X being able to better hit those resolutions

Malacath326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

No they're not. Do you even know what upscaled means?

Obviously not.

Dynamic resolution scaling is not upscaling. They are different things.

Obscure_Observer325d ago


"The Pro was never advertised as a 4k gaming machine, unlike MS that now calls everything 4k."

Yeah... i... sure. Whatever you say dude

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Rude-ro326d ago

The Xbox One should have been a1080p console, the xboxone s should have been more....
I’ll take Sony’s new games vs 100+ gb additional memory to put more make up on older games that are still not good not matter what res they are in.

zb1ftw777326d ago

PlayStation "exclusives" are way overrated.

Only a FEW are superb. The rest are "meh".

Malacath325d ago

You're saying all enhanced games are not good which means what you're say is that all games that are multiplatform are crap?

A lot of the enhanced games are multi-plats so because they are on xbox they are suddenly crap?

Seriously grow up.

325d ago
knickstr326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

This just goes to show the fanboyism of this comment and article. The ps4 original never had a problem running games at 1080P at 30 FPS. The original Xbox was the one that had that problem which is why some games were pushed out at 900P.

And the article makes no sense. How can you criticize the pro for not knowing it's target audience with people not adopting 4K sets in large numbers when the X is facing the exact same thing. Who is the X for in that case if 4K tvs is still not in every living room.

Bigpappy326d ago

PS4 has 900p games too and many 1080p games could not maintain a steady 30fps. The PS4 is more powerful than the X1-s, but barely.

Now as for the Pro, I have been paying very close attention to what developers are able to get out of it. and 1440p with medium textures seem to be the sweet spot, with most games performing at lock 30 and some even at lock 60fps. So Gamingbolt is under selling the Power a bit. Some of the better looking first party games even get up to 1800p natively and then CB. So games look better on PS gamers 4K TV than when using the PS4 for games that do have the higher res with higher texture quality.
Instead of belittling the pro 10 a 1080p machine, he should have just said that the X run's games on your 4K TV looking substantially better than the Pro is capable of.
Now that the X is here, I am noticing the pro is getting some level support for most of the games being supported on the X. It is never to the extent that the X does, but it is enough to make people who bought it at least get to play a better looking or performing version over the base PS4.

Malacath325d ago

The X has super sampling which means 4k games even look better on a 1080P tv. There is also the fact that even non enhanced games run better. More stable framerates and games that used dynamic resolution scaling may run at full 1080P.

From what I've read of the Pro you do actually need a 4k tv to see with benefits on that.

RomanPSX326d ago

I agree. But the pro can do in most cases 1080p 60. Leave 4k for the best machine the x.

Tazzy326d ago

Xbox One X uses checkerboarding all the games on X right now are older games from the original Xbox the Xbox 360 and Xbox One of course it should be able to run those games in 4k. Anthem isn't native 4k Call of Duty isn't native 4k Assassins Creed Origins isn't native 4k Fable Fortune a god damn card game is targeting 4k 60fps don't mean it will hit it and if it don't thats pathetic. If the Xbox One X is so powerful where is the PC game Star Citizen how come that hasn't been announced for it yet I mean people compare it to a high end PC if it was high end Star Citizen would be coming to it.

Malacath326d ago

I own an xbox one X too and even I think this article is a load of crap. The base ps4 can do 1080P/30fps pretty well so why should the ps4 pro be gimped?
Developers should continue to get the best they can out of the pro just like they did with original xbox one when it was the machine that often had the lower resolution in multiplatform games.

I know it might feel great to be the one who can say my console is better than yours after enduring it from toxic ps4 fanboys for so many years but why sink to that level?

RevXM325d ago

doesnt a few older and simpler games run in native 4K on the pro? TLOU remastered, resogun etc?
THe pro is semi capable and the games look ok with the checkerboarding and little touch ups. its a good choice for those who have a 4K setup and is getting a playstation. Im set with my base model and it handles most games in 1080p30 so why force that on the pro, its up to the developers which is the best way and the way its always been.

Im holding on to my cash until Ps5 turns up which will probably run just about every AAA game in 4K30, but if devs want to do them in 60 thats great and if they trade some native resolution for more bells and whistles thats fine too.
No system the last few generations have had a definite resolution or FPS target forced on to developers and thats the way it has to be IMO. Some PS3/360 games are even Sub 720p and we all survived and enjoyed those games for what they were although Ill admit sub 720p games tend to look rather blurry and weird. like Resistance 3, but it was a good game and it looked great in other areas.

DFresh325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Dude neither PS4 Pro/Xbox One X are doing native 4K.
So you're telling me a console that's $400 (PS4 Pro) and another console at $500 (Xbox One X) is performing visuals the same as a $700+ Graphics Card?
Get the hell out of here.
While both the NVIDIA GTX 1080/1080ti and AMD Vegas (series) can do 4K the frame rate bottles out at 50 frames per second.
Most PC Rigs while taking into account high frame rate are still preferably performed at 1440P+ @ 200 frames per second. (Note: NVIDIA GTX 1080ti benchmarks)
The technology is still relatively new.

cd1325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Both mid-gen upgraded consoles can output some games in native 4K, that's not my opinion - its just a fact.

XB1X will hit that rez more often due to the increased GPU capabilities but that isn't news to anybody who understands the fundamentals of computer HW. I play on PS4 Pro because it best suits my gaming needs and am happy for the XB gamers who can now make better use of their 4K TVs too - good on 'um.

Shocking website that isn't even worth a click btw.

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2pacalypsenow328d ago

I would rather have 1080 60fps

326d ago Replies(2)
CrimzonRazor326d ago

good for you then run a pro or x on a 1080 screen and only buy games that support 60fps, then prepair to be bored because most dont

2pacalypsenow326d ago

I run LA noir on my X at 1080p, because I prefer the 60fps over the 4k, and a game being 4k doesn't make it any more fun than one running at 1080.

Razzer325d ago

lol....cuz 1080p suddenly makes games boring? lol...obviously you don’t know how great gameplay can be at 60 FPS

Bigpappy325d ago

This is a preference on an individual basis and game to game. Some games are just so scenic, that you just want to play it in that mode to admire the level of detail. But if you are playing a competitive game, then yeah, you would most likely prefer the smoother 1080p 60.

kevnb328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

god dammit gamingbolt

TankCrossing328d ago

Yup this is deep into "obvious trolling" territory. Hopefully the mods will take note some day.

frostypants326d ago

I think failingbolt has someone on the inside. Only explanation.

Obscure_Observer325d ago


Yeah, This topic should be closed.