Gamers Will Take Longer to Sell Nintendo Switch than PS4 and Xbox One, GameStop Expects

GameStop executives expect the Nintendo Switch to take longer than the PS4 and the Xbox One to contribute to the pre-owned market.

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indyman7777354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

He does have a point In the early days of xbox1 and PS4 their was a lot of remakes but no new super IP's for awhile. So some got board quicker.

talking about early PS4 and Xbox1 days:
"so there were consumers that would try one, then decided that they wanted to go with the other, and traded in the initial purchase"

Wow I wonder if they meant to say people tried xbox1 and then decided that they wanted to go with PS4?

354d ago
FallenAngel1984356d ago

I don’t see why that would be the case.

People will trade it in to a similar rate as any other console or handheld.

DJK1NG_Gaming356d ago

Not really. The thing is about the Switch is replay value is higher because of the portability.

_-EDMIX-_355d ago

I don't think that's what's being stated I think it's because the community that purchase Nintendo products generally only buys Nintendo games in a huge 90 percentile

Consider people who buy PlayStation or Xbox are not only buying those two Publishers games 95% of the time.

It's actually why it's a very likely you won't see lots of traction in regards to third party games outside of Nintendo intellectual properties move similar units.

MasterCornholio355d ago

How does FIFA on the switch have more replayability than FIFA on the other systems?

I fail to see how portability adds to replayability.

UltraNova354d ago

The Switch wont have a mid gen upgrade (most likely not) so thats one reason why people will keep it for longer and it will likely be supported for another 5-6 years easy. So why would Nintendo fans trade it in?

zivtheawesome354d ago

it's portable => it has higher replayability?!? apples to oranges dude.

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Neonridr356d ago

you'd be surprised at how long people hang on to handheld devices. Much longer than home consoles.

BlackTar187354d ago

Its very simple, they are easy to store.

FallenAngel1984355d ago

@ DJ

That’s really subjective. I’ve seen just as many preowned handhelds at GameStop as I’ve seen consoles.

@ Neo

You’d be surprised how long people hold onto consoles. There’s no universal standard or even a study that shows people are more willing to part with a console than they are with a handheld. It’s all up to that individual person’s preferences

indyman7777354d ago

Speaking of subjective! What you see at Gamestop is subjective too. Not only that but they already have comparison data!!! The system has been out for over 8 months now. They are already comparing month 3 of SWITCH to month 3 of Xbox etc. We just dont want to once again give credit to SWITCH where it is due. How many months did the nay sayers keep saying SWITCH sales are only for a Month, two months, three months etc now we are at month 8 and they are STILL saying the same crap.

Douchbags saying there are no games on SWITCH when it has had a AAA Exclusive game released every month for it's first 8 months straight and is slated to continue that trend for at least the next 6 months.

septemberindecember355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

If you read the article you’ll find out why it’s taking longer to be sold back to gamestop.

It has to do with the Switch being more unique. Here is a quote from the article:

“By contrast, looking back at four years ago, it didn’t take as long for the PS4 and Xbox One to work their way into the pre-owned cycle because the two consoles were competing with each other, so there were consumers that would try one, then decided that they wanted to go with the other, and traded in the initial purchase.“

zb1ftw777354d ago

Replay value is better on the Switch.

So, no.

354d ago
bluefox755354d ago

I agree. Gamestop just hyping it up. Which is fine, they are a business after all.

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Razzer356d ago

I think Switch owners will be more likely to buy digital than physical compared to traditional consoles. Fumbling with cartridges is more hassle especially those playing primarily in handheld mode.

DJK1NG_Gaming356d ago

Especially if you travel a lot and never home. Having all of your games digitally will be better for those who have those lifestyles.

wonderfulmonkeyman356d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Yeah, but even digitally, you're going to be switching out extra memory cards once the first one starts getting full, so either way you don't totally escape the bindings of physical media.
Physical game cards allow you to preserve more of your limited supply of digital data by splitting the data between the game card and the system/memory card, though, instead of having every bit of data on the system and memory card itself, taking up space all at once, meaning you'll have to buy memory cards less often if you buy physical, which saves you some cash in the long run.

So what you're essentially making a choice between, is having the convenience of never dealing with physical game cards, vs having to pick up more extra physical storage mediums more often than you otherwise would in the long run.

Plus, if something happens to your system, those digital games are gone for good.
But physical games that aren't in your system at the time?
Those endure. You don't lose those if the system disappears unless they're in the system.

So there's positives and negatives to both sides.
Pick what fits your playstyle best.^_-

DJK1NG_Gaming355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Only if you buy everything on the eShop or every game released then of course it will fill but I have yet to hear anyone ever maxing out their storage when using external storage on a Nintendo system say they ran out of space. So such case is extremely rare.

Razzer355d ago

Huh? You can redownload purchased games so you never lose them. And there is really no point filling up your storage with games you are done playing.

wonderfulmonkeyman355d ago

Yeah, but re-downloading is also a big hassle for some.
I'm just saying, for those that don't like trading in or deleting-for-room, getting new cards is going to be a necessity at some point no matter how hard they try to avoid it.

NotoriousWhiz354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Not all games will be redownloadable forever. The TMNT series on Xbox 360 was no longer download able after a couple of years. If you never deleted it, then you were good, but if you deleted it, then it was gone forever. The only way to guarantee that you keep your digital titles is to not delete them. Also, the reason no one has maxed out their switch storage yet is because it's only been out for 8 months. See how easy it'll be to max out this time in 2019.

Bahamut354d ago

You made a good point about being able to keep the games, even if something happens to the console. The rest of your post, though, was just jibberish. You're high.

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Prince_TFK355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

As for me, I go physical all the way because I can save some space in my SD card, I can use the case for display, and I can always trade the game once I finish it.

I only buy digital if the shops in my country don’t not have the game that I want, or have it too late. This is why I had just bought Skyrim Switch digitally a few days ago.

_-EDMIX-_355d ago

I'm probably going to do that for most of the games I think the only game I want to download is probably going to be animal Crossing because I'm probably going to put a large number of hours in it.

_-EDMIX-_355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

That too, good point. I probably want to download Animal Crossing when it comes out.

The 10th Rider355d ago

Yeah, any games like that I'm definitely interested in having on the console at all times. I picked up Puyo Puyo digitally and that was a great choice because it's a wonderful title to have on hand. Now I'm kicking myself for not having Mario Kart digitally. Titles like Breath of the Wild and Odyssey are more "Play through it and then you're done for a while" and so the convenience factor isn't an issue.

Zeref355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

definitely going all digital on my Switch especially for this reason.These cartridges are so small you could break them or easily lose them.

I'm on the all digital side though, haven't bought a physical game on Xbox since Fifa 2014. I am tempted sometimes because they're cheaper but I have yet to break.

gbsrnctaln354d ago

With all of that internal storage...I think you're on to something lol

zb1ftw777354d ago


You need to buy alot of storage space.

Digital is also much more expensive.

So, no.

FallenAngel1984354d ago

Not quite because consumers can find better deals on physical Switch games than what they’re offered for through the digital store

TallonIV354d ago

It's definitely more convenient going digital only for Switch but I prefer collecting/storing my games on my shelf so I just put the cartridges into my switch's case when I'm on the go.

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masterfox356d ago

lol I don't even want that low spec thing new, imagine it pre-owned ? , get the hell out of here!

wonderfulmonkeyman355d ago

Spamming Nintendo threads with hate posts again. Modus Operandi.
"Get the hell out of here."

yomfweeee355d ago

But you do the same in PS4 posts, are you kidding me?

wonderfulmonkeyman354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Are you high?! I don't go hanging around the PS4 posts specifically to bash everything.

In fact most of my posts, outside of those related to VR and how toxic the Sony fanbase has become [evidenced here by both Fox AND you, who is now trying to slander me for a habit I don't even HAVE], have been quite positive regarding Sony, and I've owned and loved a PS2 and PS3 for years, on top of planning to own a PS4 for stuf like the Mana remake and Kingdom Hearts 3.

You, sir, are off your rocker. I spend most of my time in the Nintendo section precisely because of people like Fox and you. Get that hypocritical crap out of here.

masterfox354d ago

lol chill out dude and Happy Thanksgiving.

Prince_TFK355d ago

Then why are you always on Nintendo article? Or are you that insecured about your console of choice?

wonderfulmonkeyman356d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Hahaha, leave it to Game Stop to worry about that ahead of initial sales.

You guys over at Game Stop just worry about keeping Switch games and accessories in stock as much as possible.
Used stuff will trickle in slowly at some point, but for now, just enjoy whatever profits you make off of new sales, like every other normal electronics dealer.XD

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