The Evil Within 2 Was Intentionally Injected with Relief Moments To Cool Off Tension

According to director John Johanas, The Evil Within 2 was intentionally injected with relief moments to cool off tension for the players after the first game was too stressful in this regard.

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-Foxtrot2015d ago

I agree but disagree

Scarier the better, Dead Space was a constant scare show and was always getting your heart racing yet that worked out just fine.

I didn't mind the cool down moments in Evil Within 2 but I do miss moments where we had to hide under a bed or hide in a wardrobe.

EatCrow2014d ago

Yea. I didnt find the first to be too stressful...but pacing is the key word they were likely trying to mean.

2pacalypsenow2015d ago

Reminds me of the old RE games where they did the soft music in the save rooms.

EatCrow2014d ago

Oh the relief of such sweet music!

2015d ago

I bought this game on XBL for 30 during the black Friday sales. I've played about 1 hour into it and so far it seems pretty good. I have over a dozen games to get to in my back log so maybe come Jan I'll give this game a go.

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