Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Teaser Trailer

Players will soon be able to experience battles on land, in the air, and at sea on the newest front with Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, the third expansion pack available for Battlefield 1.

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pingthing328d ago

Hit it with the 4k stick please.

AmstradAmiga328d ago

Uninstalled of my Xbox only a few months after paying for the Premium pass. Too few games being played in hese parts and even fewer with the new map packs. A complete waste of money.

thorstein328d ago

You forgot to blast it for loot crates.

Newmanator328d ago

What? I've never not been put in game in more than 20 seconds.

AmstradAmiga328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Try doing a server listing for Oceania. Unless you're a TDM fan on the older maps you're s#!t outta luck. Of course you can enjoy lag by joining games outside your region.

Usperg328d ago

The last DLC can't come quick enough so i can obtain some sense of moneys worth sake and uninstall this utter casual garbage game for good!!!
I have bought every single Battlefield game, every single expansion, DLC and season pass since 1942 and never felt this betrayed at the route they have gone with Battlefield Just to please the cod kiddie fan base EA clearly wanted to purge from Activision with BF1 and i cannot see this changing for next year in 2018!!!
How dare you EA, cater for those obnoxious little sociopaths cucks and not the real BF veterans by releasing that game in the state it was and still is after a year.Time to move on, hopefully Hell Let Loose becomes popular without Kids in it telling you to "go kill urself" or "Git cancer"...

EA you absolute CUNTS!

328d ago