Is the World Ready for Another Super Mario Movie?

All signs point to Nintendo possibly bringing Super Mario back to the big screen. But can it work? Or was the crater left behind by the 1993 film simply too large to dig out of?

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TheSuperior 426d ago

I could see it being done well but god forbid it be live action hahaha an animated movie could work however dialog might end up being the biggest hurdle

FallenAngel1984426d ago

The greatest thing the movie’s legacy left was giving us the romance between Luigi and Daisy, giving us the Mario Bros’ last names, Mario being in a setting based in New York, & a realistic looking dinosaur that were later adapted in some way into the series’ lore.

Fist4achin425d ago

Id like to see another and hopefully, the movie industry will take movies based from games more seriously. Comics into movies have come a long way, so i think games into quality movies can be done too.

TheOttomatic91425d ago

Well not a live action one at least but I would love an CGI one.

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