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Enricko: The love child of Microsoft Studios and Playful definitely didn't meet expectations as Super Lucky's Tale just felt like your average 3D platforming game. What's even worse is that this is the supposed launch title for the Xbox One X and it felt as if Microsoft could have done so much better. Although the game is trying to go for that family-friendly vibe, it won't help if it feels just like every other generic 3D Mario clone.

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Poobz356d ago

In play it's quite boring to play I find and the coin collecting is pointless as it offers nothing of any use. Not even an achievement.

356d ago
vikingland1356d ago

Author, this isn't a launch title for X.B.O.X as it can be played on all other xbox ones.

356d ago
sk8ofmnd356d ago

😂 thats what i thought when they showed that reveal when before it said "xbox 1 exclusive".... I was like...

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