EA's Newest Patch May Have Managed to Make Battlefront II Worse...

EA's horrible launch for Star Wars: Battlefront II has only been worse with the release of their latest patch.

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UCForce1347d ago

This is worse than Battlefield 4 launch. I did enjoy BF4 but they completely ruin with it when they added MT in it. Yes, i’m not Joking. They did put that thing in BF4.

OB1Biker1346d ago

No I didn't play bf4 but hear a lot about the launch. It's no where close the same problem talking server and the like of course.

Jinger1346d ago

Yeah the servers have been great. No noticeable lag or games dropping. Wayyyyy better than Battlefield 4.

jagermaster6191346d ago

My experience was great the first couple days then it had lag issues but seems the update fixed all the problems for me.

Thomaticus1345d ago

I never finished BF4 due to the glitch that caused your game save to become corrupt.

InTheZoneAC1346d ago

Bf4 was not ruined by MT. Only whales that never played the game but said shortcuts allow them to play with unlocks since they have no time to unlock them were idiots. If you have no time to play then why buy something you're hardly going to use?

AnubisG1346d ago

I agree that this is bad but BF4 when launched, you could not play online what so ever for a week or two and you could not play the campaign because your save file kept getting corrupted constantly and the game crashed all the time. It was absolutely 100% unplayable at launch. At least you can play BF2.......but that's not saying much.

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2pacalypsenow1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Technical issues are a lot different.

EA did the MT's on purpose, you cant really predict network stability.

And the MT in BF4 were meaningless.

Kleptic1346d ago

That's a very different debate...I completely agree with you, but you very much can 'predict network stability''s just getting the network ready for BF4's launch was expensive, so they didn't do it...EA's been doing that for years, and i'm kind of blown away that BF4's release didn't net a similar push back as battlefront II has...just for different reasons.

All i mean is DICE and EA weren't sitting around in late 2013 saying 'I really can't believe this has so many problems' stability wise...Important people knew months before release that it was going to be on fire, and they released it anyway.

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Channel-Live1346d ago

MT are N/A in the game as of yet, so what the hell are you talking about? The servers are terrible. I have been kicked out of at least 5 games so far and what's even worse is the load time. 2-3 minutes to load. BTW, prepare to die.......a lot. It's a grind to build credits to buy cards and unlock weapons.

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XiNatsuDragnel1347d ago

RIP Battlefront 2 we never knew the

MetalGearAlex1346d ago

one small step for man... another giant leap back for EA.

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pinkcrocodile751346d ago

Don't forget Activision, Warner Bros and every other studio.

Get some perspective.

OB1Biker1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Yesterday jumping in a match my cards were gone. Came back to main menu then started a new match they were back.
There were many server lag I believe. Now all is working fine
Oh hey people wanting to call me apologist or insult or belittle what I say because I enjoy a game move on. I won't waste my time replying anymore.

Godmars2901346d ago

Would think any disagrees would have more to do with any kind of defense of MTs which doesn't actually translate into liking the game said MTs have been attached to.

On a side note wonder if this may cost EA the SW license. If Disney will pull it. That would send the ultimate message - if not for the fact it Activision would get it next.

OB1Biker1346d ago

Oh Ive never been bothered with disagrees even if some people mistake then for like,dislike going fb too much haha
I think the game could easily work if they straight remove loot crates which are not needed for progression. Hopefully the gambling bad publicity can push that.


I'm with you. I think the game is great besides all the drama attached to it.

Ittoittosai1346d ago

Dont waste your time posting then apologist.

pinkcrocodile751346d ago

What an @rseh0le thing to say.

Godmars2901346d ago

Of course loot boxes aren't required. They were forced into the game and designed to encourage extra revenue out of sheer greed.

CoryHG1345d ago

But youre complainimg and not enjoying

OB1Biker1345d ago

Not sure what makes you say that I'm enjoying the game a lot and want it to improve.

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