Star Wars: Battlefront II Review I Giant Bomb

Electronic Arts makes missteps at every turn in this fundamentally flawed follow-up.

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Prince_TFK2131d ago

More like a giant nuclear bomb.

2 out of 5 is still generous for this PoS.

mafiahajeri2131d ago

I freaking knew someone would write that 😂

2131d ago
JEECE2131d ago

This is awesome. Giant Bomb is a site people care about; this will hurt Battlefront and EA a lot more than bad reviews from very minor sites.

1nsomniac2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

...who cares about Giant Bomb...??

I know when they split ways in order to create Giant Bomb & it was going to be the next “best thing”. It crashed & burned within the first few months after people realised it was just as corrupt if not more so than the rest. I don’t think anyone would really call it a reputable source these days though.

Let’s face it, their opinion would be massively different if it hadn’t been for the very public backlash. The same with most of the big name sites. They’re just trying to get on the right side of peoples opinions.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2131d ago

Actually unfortunately it’s the bad reviews from ign an gamespot that are gonna have the bigger impact.

And I say unfortunately because I hate that ign an gamespot are the biggest mainstream media outlets.

ThichQuangDuck221d ago

To think of all the characters we have been asked to kill since No Russian

220d ago

PlayStation Plus Classics Catalog to add Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP

A PlayStation Store page for the PSP version of Star Wars Battlefront II has appeared. The game is listed as as PSP emulation title, meaning that it will appear as part of the Classics Catalog for PS+

S2Killinit295d ago

Woah does this mean we will be getting PSP games as well?

Eidolon295d ago

Almost certain it was announced along with PS+ tiers that premium would get PSP games and had 1 or 2 at or near launch of PS+ tiers.

septemberindecember294d ago

There is already a PSP game available. It's called Kingdom of Paradise.

Muigi294d ago

Which is a great game btw.

WeAreLegion295d ago

Dope. I love that version. I play it on Vita a lot.

Eidolon294d ago

What's the main selling point beyond being a portable Star Wars game? Is it something you should play on a PS5?

WeAreLegion294d ago

Honestly, probably not. It's not very pretty on a bigger screen. It's mostly nostalgia talking for me.

Eidolon294d ago

Yeah, figured it would be something like that. Checked out some gameplay, looks like it'd be fun online on Vita/PSP, but playing with no online on a PS5 seems like just for a nostalgia trip.

FinalFantasyFanatic294d ago

C'on more classics Playstation, I've been waiting on this since the initial announcement.


Star Wars Video Games that need a Remaster

"Join us at Thumb Culture as we celebrate Star Wars week with the 5 Star Wars Video Games That need a remaster." Gaz @ Thumb Culture

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Michiel1989503d ago

I would love to see a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy remaster/remake. That game is still the game that made me feel most like a jedi/sith.

nmbr1esq503d ago

The Jedi Knight games would be amazing if they were remastered/remade. The mix of 1st person shooting/ranged attacks and 3rd person lightsaber/mele were awesome. I don't know why more devs choose not to use this dynamic...Avowed, I'm looking at you.