Star Wars Battlefront II Review - Gamespot

The sequel to DICE's 2015 Star Wars game makes some big changes to the formula, but not all are for the better.

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TheVetOfGaming1895d ago

Good to see some of the bigger sites calling out the mess that EA are trying to shove on the gamers. Hopefully more show their true integrity for gaming and gamers.

Yui_Suzumiya1895d ago

Hopefully this resonates with our community and the big wigs finally take notice and make changes.

Damthatsword1895d ago

Huh? It already has made major Changes. And the game sold less than half the 1st game in it's 1st week! Lmao! Any publisher with MTs in mind, greedy or not, will have to tread a minefield from now on.

xYLeinen1895d ago

Nice to see that Gamespot and IGN got the balls so call bullshit on this micro transaction madness and loot boxes!

Prince_TFK1895d ago

They have no choice, especially with the fan’s uproar. Had this haven’t happened, I’m sure IGN would have given this game at least 9/10.

ABBAJESUS1895d ago

Yeah, they didnt want to lose fans of their site. It's much smaller defeate to lose some money coming from EA