Why Cyberpunk 2077 Probably Won't Be a "Games as a Service" Game

CD Projekt Red recently quelled a rumor that CyberPunk 2077 would be a "games as a service" game, but it's unlikely the game would have been one anyway.

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datriax421d ago

Should really keep up on your research. There's no "probably" about it.

aarogree420d ago

We can only take the word of a company so far. Trust worthy or not, everything they say about their game is only a "probably" until it's released. Remember Battlefront II? EA/DICE said the game would be an apology for Battlefront I, and all the cinematic and gameplay trailers made it look as though it probably would be, but when the game was released we saw that couldn't have been further from the truth.

Many-hat5421d ago

If that remains the case, you can take my money, now. I like the way they talk, no BS. Looking forward to this title.

TheOttomatic91421d ago

Well obviously they own and run GOG they make more than enough money on there.