Will Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Up To The Expectations?

As you’re probably aware, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has finally been released. One of the most anticipated titles of 2017 is ready just in time to improve our holidays with some good old Star Wars brawls.

With that being said, there are some complaints and unanswered questions about the game coming from players and the journalists who got a glimpse of its features long before any of us. Some aspects look like they’re spot on, whereas others might bring the quality of the game down.

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uth11358d ago

It will beat them easily because expectations are so low

BenjaMan64358d ago

I've played the game since last week and so far it's been great. Very rarely I've had lag, and I've just had a disconnect out of several matches I've participated in.

_-EDMIX-_358d ago

I agree I was playing the other night and it was actually very smooth as I feel they actually had a pretty successful multiplayer launch it's too bad all of this controversy is definitely going to drown out any of those positives.

Electronic Arts very much brought this on themselves ,let's hope Battlefront 3 doesn't launch with any microtransactions. So far I'm already liking this a lot more than the first game and I can't wait for all that free downloadable content like Maps!

datriax358d ago

Oh, welcome back from your coma. How long were you asleep? Obviously more than a week to be asking this stupid question.

358d ago
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