Star Wars Battlefront 2's Janina Gavankar on Diversity, the Voice Actor Strike

USGamer: "There aren't many of us Indians around the gaming industry, much less so in leading roles in blockbuster, triple-A games. So when I sat down to talk with Janina Gavankar recently, I was intrigued as to how her heritage had impacted her gaming in childhood, as it did mine, as well as how she landed the role of Commander Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2. "

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EatCrow357d ago

There would be if thats what people cared about.
We dont care about diversity. Just good games. You want a lead indian chick thats fine but make it a good game first and foremost. Nobody identifies with these characters...they can perhaps identify with the story surrounding the character but not with the physical appearance of the character.

Same with movies. You dont watch them because you identify with the lead roles. You watch it for the story.

And im not sure you want to compare hollywood to gaming. A bunch of pedophiles in that industry so i wouldnt take it as a good thing if this actress thinks gaming is ahead of hollywood...definitely ahead with all the bullshit though.

tactfool28357d ago

Interesting theory. But you are wrong about character development. Where do you think a story comes from? Without a character, their would be no story. The "hero's journey" is what most games are about.

I agree that diversity is a non issue in games, and only matters to minorities looking for jobs... But your lack of basic plot structure tells me you are unsure of what you say.

The_Kills357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"diversity is a non issue in games, and only matters to minorities looking for jobs"

This proves better than any of my words that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

fsydow1357d ago

You would be called a minority in india too...But your lack of basic knowledge tells me your an idiot.

bluefox755357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Yet, Indian-Americans, the group the article is written about, are the highest paid ethnic group in the US. So, despite their minority status, I think they're doing okay in the jobs department.

Soulst0rmer357d ago

She should play Chloe Fraser's sister in an Uncharted game

EatCrow357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Actually I never talked about character development in my comment. So I cant be wrong about something i didnt get into in my comment. I talked about the story surrounding the character which includes development as characters do not develop on their trigger development.

Skull521357d ago

Game is set in the Star Wars galaxy so the character isn’t Indian at all. Disney is ruining Star Wars with its pc and diversity bullshit. I have no problem with diversity except when it is forced and not natural. I mean Disney’s first major 3 Star Wars projects all feature a female lead? Give me a break... (VII, Rogue One, BF2)

battlegrog356d ago

Yes but with video games he's right. Character development is a much more rare thing. He's right it's more about the story. Not nearly as many games that get you behind the characters like in last of us. But even with that game it's still more about the story.

With movies it's the actors ability to embody the character that will drive a good story or not. A good story can be terrible if the characters are bad in a movie but people don't but notice that nearly as much in games because it's harder to emotionally connect

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d3nworth1357d ago

We have games half demon, demi gods, robots, foxes, aliens etc. Diversity in games is not an issue.

Kratos_Kart2007357d ago

because those are real right??

subtenko357d ago

I hope you are an Asian commenter, we need more of those on N4G. Btw I didnt read your comment, I just think its something we need....

^see what I did there...

just-joe356d ago

"You dont watch them because you identify with the lead roles"

Well yes and no. You can want to watch a movie because a character appeals or even identifies with your personality wise. I do believe that very little identify with a character solely because of their gender, race, or even creed.

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Retard357d ago

Good for you. *slow clap*

357d ago
Diffraction_Fos357d ago


I read the title and thought - "Oh good. A 'diversity' headline yet again. We definitely definitely need more of those...... /s".

Funny because, as an Asian gamer, my enjoyment of games do not depend on how many digital Asian faces or Asian-looking faces they put in front of me. This inability of some people to separate video games and identity politics is annoying to the extreme. Unlike those people, I don't jump up and exclaim, "An Asian character. YESS. Victory!" or some such retarded nonsense. I couldn't care less if a game has or hasn't got characters of oriental origins. That is not why I play games.

Apparently as a "discriminated minority"(the words of lib-tards), I'm supposed to be insulted if there happens to be a group of friends without a single Asian person. It seems we're expected to be omni-present according to these over-sensitive morons on the left.

doomster71357d ago

Bloody hell. She's bloody hot. Now I suppose I better read the story :)

andrewsquall357d ago

Who would have thought it with that atrocious generic Frostbite 2.0 engine female character model they actually went with in the game.

xenz357d ago

Frostbite is a great engine. Care to explain why you think its not?

Septic357d ago

She is absolutely stunning

bluefox755357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"There aren't many of us Indians around the gaming industry, much less so in leading roles in blockbuster, triple-A games."
This might have something to do with Indians making up only 1% of the US population. Interestingly enough though, despite the relative shortage of forced diversity by progressives, Indian-Americans are still the highest income earning ethnic group in the US. With the average Indian household making $107,000 per year, compared to the average "white" household making about $60,000 a year.

TedCruzsTaint357d ago

It's why I am always "that guy" arguing the merit of so-called "white privilege" throughout the Americas and Europe. I always say, before you even try to justify that stance, you need to then address Asian/Indian-American "privilege".

bluefox755357d ago

It's a fair point. If we're supposed to accept the idea that all non-whites are being "systemically oppressed" by a "white supremacist patriarchal society", then we should be able to explain why this oppression has failed to stop non whites from rising to the top echelons of society. It's not even limited to just Asians, even Nigerian-Americans make a bit more than white people do.

ZombieGamerMan357d ago

bluefox755 That's because "diversity" just means anti-white. When people call for a more "diverse" gaming, movie, work place, schools etc what they are really is saying that there should be less white people. Look at what happened to Apple's vp of diversity, said white people are also diverse and got fired for it, and she was a black woman.

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