The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review (Switch): Skyrim Now Fits In Your Backpack | Hey Poor Player

Skyrim is back again to immerse Switch owners in a vibrant and often brutal fantasy world, but does this pocket-sized port make the cut?

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derkasan1203d ago

Glad Bethesda's dedicated to the platform.

wonderfulmonkeyman1202d ago

I wish I could afford Skyrim right now, but I need to have Xenoblade 2 first since that's far more likely to sell out and STAY sold out for quite a long time...

Prince_TFK1202d ago

I had only played Skyrim on the Switch for around one hour but I came out very impressed with it. Rarely do the framerate drop and the scenery looks gorgeous (for a Switch game). However if you had played Skyrim multiple times before I would not recommend dropping $60 on it. That money would be better spent on Xenoblade 2.

wonderfulmonkeyman1202d ago

Yeah, I owned Skyrim once before too, but never got to finish all of the DLC before my gaming laptop broke down, so I've still got a reason to grab it for Switch.
Not as much of a reason as Xenoblade 2, but still...