Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Mentioned In French Senator's Letter To Gambling Authority

A Senator in France is asking the country's gambling advisory to potentially look into the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game.

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Mikelarry359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

And here we goooooo, hopefully something in favour of anti lootbox comes of this.

Thanks EA you were atleast good for something

Jinger358d ago

Ah yes, thank you gamers for getting the government involved in our hobby because of one game. Congrats.

UCForce358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

And you defending the greed and corruption in our hobby. There is freedom and control, but most importantly there is balance. You are the one who broke it. Major Publishers aren’t perfect as Government, but we need balance.
Edit : Government can also screw us up just like major publishers.

DarkOcelet358d ago

If the government doesn't get involved, those @**hole publishers will keep doing those $hitty practices even more. Its time someone stepped in and stopped there predatory practices.

Jinger358d ago


And now you're introducing the greed and corruption of the government. Can't wait to see how this effects everything

rocketpanda358d ago

Because the industry was never going to regulate themselves. This is nothing new, before the days of the ESRB violent games in the industry was the new hot thing when MK released where the government gave the industry an ultimatum, regulate it or we'll do it for you.

Publishers have only themselves to blame bring the scummy loot box/ gambling practice to light.

UltraNova358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Its a double edged short. In one hand you have Publishers that are free to do with us what they want unregulated (until there's a massive uprising like the recent BF 2 one, that we need to admit it's not nearly enough yet) and on the other you have the potential of Gov oversight/regulation that a) will inevitably make things more difficult for devs and in turn they'll raise the base price on games and b) publishers will have to thinκ twice before they plant anti- consumer tactics in games(probably?...).

As for gov corruption I cant deny that either, we've seen Corp friendly agendas...ahem, I meant discussions turning into law countless times before so what's to say that EA and the rest wont do the same?

So honestly, I'm not sure the solution lies with the Gov's intervention. Its with our uprising and vocality against ill-fated practices against us that the solution relies on. Our first line of defence is our money, dont buy their game, hit them where it hurts most, where they will have to listen.

If we fail to get our wishes heard and everything else fails and we need to fall back to the Gov's 'saving grace' then we are effectively done for imho.

badz149358d ago


"thank you gamers for getting the government involved in our hobby because of one game"

what are you? 10? If you aren't you should remember how GTA was labeled as the "reason for violent behaviors" years ago. this is definitely not the first time governments are looking into video games related issues

Prince_TFK358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Actually it is not just only one game. This year so far we had games like CoD WII, Shadow of Wars, AC Origin, NFS Payback, and this game that has freaking lootboxes shove down our throat.

If the government doesn’t intervene, when will that end? Are you saying you or me have the power to force them to change permanently?

_-EDMIX-_358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Well...they are doing what is best for their people. I don't agree that this is gambling per say, but I do 100% agree with those countries looking into this. It may not be 100% gambling, but I don't thing this type of thing belongs in games children could be playing.

We are not talking about a few costumes here and there, we are talking about this idea that someone can gain an edge over another by buying something. I see that as predatory and it makes sense for them to look into.
it. Trust me, I own the game, I like the game (out side of that busted progression system) but that doesn't mean I support what EA and Disney where doing with this game.

No way did the progression system EVER need to be what it was in Battlefront 2, BF1 did it ok, i had no issue with it, heck just copy Battlefield's progression ie you play recon, you level it up and thats that.

We can still have a hobby and fun games, but not like this. EA and Disney helped no one with what they tried with MTs.

I like might BF2 and think its a great game, but those MTs needed to go and those governments are correct to look into this. If anything, thank publishers like EA, Activision, MS etc for even putting such things in their games.

Overwatch is able to have it too, but they are fair with it, it doesn't break the game, it doesn't have folks buying them thinking they can do better or win by paying etc

Damthatsword358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

You're embarrassing yourself dude. Come back when u stop inducing cringe on ppl and when your not a virus in our hobby. Back to battlefront now :). Play it while it lasts because its dying.

Artemidorus358d ago

Needs to be done to stop gambling.

Diffraction_Fos357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

@Jinger - Well, clearly the people responsible for regulating shitty practices, the ESRB, can't do their job right. Hence, the government involvement.

Its kind of ironic that the ESRB was formed by publishers themselves in order to not need government intervention in the gaming market. But they got too greedy and used the ESRB to protect loot-box implementation in their AAA games. Thus they have managed to shoot themselves in the foot. I expect all hell to break loose.

CaptainObvious878357d ago

Ah yes, thank you filthy casuals for not only buying games like this, but also buying the MTs riddled within to enable companies like EA to do this, getting worse and worse each year, resulting in BFII being so bad governments are starting to step in.

So don't thank gamers, thank the filthy casuals.

Liqu1d357d ago

You're welcome. Hopefully EA rewards you for your service, it would be pretty sad if you defended garbage business practices for free.

meka2611357d ago

Government was already involved in gaming when the ESRB was created. Any game they don't want to sell they just give it a AO rating and it's a death sentence. So government is always in everything.

EatCrow357d ago

Government is already involved. We pay taxes on games dont we?
So yea nothings changed. The only thing is at times governement should defend its people from gambling practices in games.

-Foxtrot357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

It's people like you Jinger why gaming has turned to aboslute's so toxic with so many anti consumer movements and people like you just sit back, take it, pretend it's fine and rip on others when they try and stand up for something

rainslacker357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

I'm not one for regulation, but lets take this to a logical conclusion.

Lets say that some governments decide to regulate loot boxes....and as of right now, governments are only talking about that as gambling, so that's all we need to look at.

Once that regulation comes....then what?

Can the games not get made anymore? Nope, pretty sure they'll still get made.

Will games not have as high a budget? Nope, because they still make money, and the big AAA games make the most.

Will games still have MT? yep, because we're only talking about loot boxes here.

In the case here, all that's being talked about is not using predatory practices to make money off of consumers.

As I said, I'm not one for regulation, but the industry has long ago proven that they certainly aren't going to regulate themselves on these things, and if anything, they're actually getting worse.

As of right now, the only thing that any regulation being looked at would bring is the removal of loot boxes, which would hopefully cause companies to be a less callous in how they bring these practices that the consumer seems to dislike into their products. As it is, they're making some more money off less than 10% of their customer bases(based on MT statistics), but when the other 90% start becoming dissatisfied, then they're going to have much bigger problems than a few governments looking to police one form of MT.

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UCForce359d ago

British, Dutch and now French Authorities are investigating the gambling of Loot boxes.

Jinger358d ago

Yay for big government, can't wait to see what kind of laws and regulations they slap on the industry.

UCForce358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

The governments aren’t perfect just like major publishers, but sometimes we do need a law to stop the greed and corruption from go any further.
Edit : I do play games, but I also have my concern the consumers business, Jinger.

Jinger358d ago


Can't you just stick to all your fancy ps4 exclusives and Indies that don't have loot boxes? No, you gotta whine and moan about shit and get big daddy involved to to ruin everyone's time.

rocketpanda358d ago

We heard you the first time!

showtimefolks358d ago


Are you a ea executive

Jinger358d ago


Yes I am... I'm just here slummin it with you guys for a while.

Go buy battlefront 2 please so I can get that above ground shark tank bar.

TheVetOfGaming358d ago

Haha you are a joke. You think it's going to become Orwellian? That's already here, and the Xbox crew were trying to enforce a lot more than the conspiracy you're peddling. We get it: you love EA and loot boxes.

Prince_TFK358d ago


I doubt EA would even let him walk through their doors.

_-EDMIX-_358d ago

I mean...I like you own Battlefront 2 and like it, but how would what EA was doing ever really help you and I?

Someone needed to fix this, when it starts looking like these companies are looking to pray on children, even if its not really gambling, I think someone needs to step in.

If they just put in some damn costumes, trust one was really going to be looking in to this, but the idea that they are trying to suggest that buying those items means they get a "chance" to win or do better is what is being debated.

meka2611357d ago

Dude you gotta calm the hell down. I said earlier, government has been involved with gaming since the ESRB was created. We still game like normal.

EatCrow357d ago

There are already laws on gambling dude.
Stop pretending this is new stuff.

rainslacker357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Well, if any are slapped on the industry, it'd be that they cant do loot box system MT.

That's all they're looking at for the moment, and unless publishers find some other thing to be predatory to increase their bottom line, it's unlikely to go further than that.

Now, if the government oversteps it's bounds, and starts trying to make all MT as bad, then I'll sing a different tune about their intervention, but that's not happening yet, and likely, since those revenues are taxed, they aren't going to take it too far.

Something was bound to break eventually. People have been complaining about MT in general for over a decade now. The industry ignored us while they watched their bottom line grow larger than ever. They demeaned customers concerns, they told us to be thankful for all they did to us, they did everything to say that everything they did was needed to keep gaming alive, when that was never the case. EA, and other publishers who also practiced such disdain for their customers brought this upon themselves, because they constantly ignored the complaints, and without fail, always found some new way to screw over the customer, many of which were worse than the last.

The consumers didn't bring in this regulation, the companies who tried to fleece the customers did. I will not be shamed into thinking I did something wrong for speaking my mind against MT. I am fine with them in some cases, but not in the way EA does them in a lot of their biggest games. No one else should feel shame for informing the companies we give our money to in order to consume their product about what it is they want from that product. That is what consumers should do. This isn't about the companies....this is about what we want as consumers, and if the companies themselves aren't going to listen to us, then i'm fine with the government repeating what it is we say to actually get what we want.

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XiNatsuDragnel359d ago

Finally countries are stepping down here we go a revolution is upon us gamers.

SojournUK358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

They're probably thinking of a way to tax them more on the sales, which will then drive up prices for us consumers.

Jinger358d ago

They will at sales tax to MT's and make publishers pay for a gambling license

rocketpanda358d ago

You honestly think governments are going legalize gambling to the underaged!

Jinger358d ago

I personally don't even see it as gambling, but I guess we gotta get upset about something and blow it out of proportion.

UCForce358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

It’s freaking gambling in general. And children will exploiting it without self control. This is what happened when major publishers have become so selfish, so greedy and so careless. It’s so freaking bad that alarm government.

SojournUK358d ago

Rocket, you've obviously never been to France!
And as everyone missed the obvious in my original comment I'll as the /s tag to this reply.

EatCrow357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Which is fine because at least something will deter them...The part you miss is gambling would be rated M or higher, if there is higher. Which means some countries wont even sell it or allow it to be distributed which in turn will affect the developer. In other words...prevention.

But who knows what will come of it.

You dont see it as gambling personally....which is good for you. Your personal opinions are not reality.

rainslacker357d ago

They already receive taxes from any and all MT. They are singling out a specific kind of MT here.

And a gambling license? Sure, OK. Even if they did that, no publisher is going to pay it in every state, and it would also mean that you couldn't even sell your game in a lot of states. That just isn't going to happen, so all that will happen is that once again, loot boxes won't be a thing.

Other crappy MT may still exist, but at least this one regulation made sure that the community got the publishers attention, and the fact that all MT are easily thought of a single kind of thing, means that their future implementation is going to be considered a lot more before just slapping in whatever they think will make them the most money.

It's already happening, and dev forums are abuzz with the news. Some indie devs are actually concerned because their F2P games which rely on MT may come under fire. EA screwed up. Not just in the implementation of the loot boxes, but in how they addressed the community over it. EA, who have been the worst offenders of MT, and their biggest supporter, just went too far, and in an effort to see just how much the consumer could take before backing off, started a tidal wave of concern within the pub/dev community about future profits they can get off of the most minimal of work.

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Sgt_Slaughter358d ago

This is absolutely a good thing. To those who don't like governments getting involved, blame EA not the people who complained. This was bound to happen because they got greedy, careless, and selfish.

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