FIFA 18 sold 1 million units on PS4 in Germany

Playstation received a special BIU sales award for 1 million FIFA 18 sold on PS4 in Germany.

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1473d ago
XiNatsuDragnel1474d ago

Dang it people we're helping The snake get what it wants

Damthatsword1473d ago

Jezuz. I guess ppl will never realize how lazy and talentless these "games" are.

mcstorm1473d ago

People just love the game and want the most up to date squads look at football manager it's the same thing or nba nhl ect

XStation4pio_Pro1473d ago

So exclusives are the most important even though several huge multiplatform games have dwarfed most exclusive sales. Makes sense...

Congrats to the FIFA team tho. That’s huge.

ocelot071473d ago

Would you like some salt on those fries to go with your pint of bitter?

andrewsquall1473d ago

No, 3rd parties AND exclusives together are important. When are you ever going to accept that information that THAT is how it is. Who ever said that ONLY exclusives or ONLY 3rd party games matter? Oh................ you did.

You claim that only 3rd parties matter yet if they did, PS4 wouldn't have sold over twice the units of Xbone the last 4 years with that gap in sales growing even larger the last 2 years as Sony has cranked the exclusives into overdrive.

Does that mean that exclusives are massive and the only thing important when it comes to Nintendo consoles though? Hell no. The Wii U had exclusives that scored higher than most other games in 2013 and 2014. And yet the console failed because it didn't have the 3rd parties to back it up.

They BOTH matter, something that PS4, and now Switch, are proving with ease. And of course you are going to claim that only 3rd party games matter, they make up 95% of all you got since November 2016 on Xbone.

Puertorock771473d ago

He will never understand your point because the Xbox one platform is doing a terrible job of providing both multiplats and exclusive gaming experience. Even with the multiplats Xbox is subpar because PS4 received exclusive content on many multiplats this generation.

bluefox7551473d ago

Don't be bitter. If exclusives weren't important, Sony wouldn't be dominating Xbox so hard.

1473d ago
Dragonscale1473d ago

Only someone without exclusives on their console of choice would say that. Still downplaying, still salty.

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Bobafret1473d ago

All for a sport I fall asleep to.

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