Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is a Match Made in Heaven

Rocket League is about having fun and it has truly found its home on the Nintendo Switch. Being able to play on the TV or on the move, alone or easily with a group of friends is stunning. Rocket League and the Switch work in tandem to showcase what makes each of them so special.

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WeAreLegion384d ago

It looks like garbage, but it still plays well.

Neonridr384d ago

looks perfectly fine. Game is running all over the place, so don't sit here and talk about anti-aliasing since you aren't ever in one place long enough to compare what is going on in the horizon. Sure, compare it to the Pro or One X versions and you will see differences. In handheld mode, you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference to begin with.

Foraoise383d ago

What the hell is up with people here and on reddit saying "it looks like garbage"? They're overexaggerating and are idiots... it looks great to me. Goddamn morons. When I call people out for saying that on Reddit, they call me names and speak as if I'M THE CRAZY ONE. It looks fucking great. Jesus fucking christ, fucking idiots bandwagon-lying. For what... attention/?