PS4 Pro Owner Making the Switch to the Xbox One X Is This A Game Changer

Bad Bit Games host Joseph, makes the Jump from the PlayStation 4 Pro too Microsoft's Xbox One X for over a month. Joe tries out Assassin's Creed Origins, Shadow of War, Call of Duty WW2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 side by side both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Can the Xbox One X sway this PlayStation fanboy over to the green side of the aisle? Is the Xbox One X really as big of a game changer as people are saying? Is the PS4 Pro really as underpowered as it seems?

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AngelicIceDiamond1897d ago

The only ones making the "Switch" are tech enthusiast. Real die hard gamers are perfectly content with what they have especially PS owners who have a huge AAA games down the pipeline. Pro and Switch are perfectly fine and grateful with what they have.

4Sh0w1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Wow, a PS4 "Pro" owner made a Nintendo "Switch" with a game called "X" that's constantly * that's what I call *True Power.

VforVideogames1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE... Real die hard gamers welcomes you young jedi.

fr0sty1897d ago

We're right back to where we started with Xbox and PS2... slightly more powerful, but nowhere near as good of a game selection. Also tens of millions behind in sales.

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UltraNova1897d ago

Good for him I guess but I cant see him abandoning his Pro for 3rd party games alone. He is playing it safe, therofore this opinion piece is...void.

Now if he traded his Pro in for an X and never looked back then that would be worth writing about.

bouzebbal1897d ago

switch to a console with no real arguments?
i am talking from a pure gamer point of view, and that means that games are what it's all about.
second, i dont know how much truth is in this because most dont have 4K just yet and Pro/X are performing exactly the same on regular 1080p display.
games on Pro are performing just great.. makes absolutely no sense to switch to experience the same games with better performance. but if those peole have time and money to waste...

GamingIVfun1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I doubt people are switching to Xbox One X from PS4 or PS4 Pro, the majority of console sales are still for the regular models of consoles anyway. At the most people may be adding the Xbox One X to the consoles they already have but the majority of sales for the Xbox One X are people upgrading there regular Xbox One Or Xbox One S. Locks to me the sales of the Xbox One X are already slowing down.

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fiveby91897d ago

Give me a break these articles trying to convince people that there is some momentum to switching from PS4 to Xbox. Who writes this kinda stuff? MS Marketing?

patterson1897d ago

Pretty much. Instead of spending money on cultivating their own first party titles, they rather spend it on marketing and reviews. Oh and of course just flat out buying exclusives.

MS and EA are very much alike in that regard.

Sunny_D1897d ago

It doesn’t help that the grammar in this article is atrocious.

Sitdown1897d ago

You do realize that there is room to do both right? Cultivate their own first party titles and spend money on marketing.

patterson1897d ago

@Sitdown it's when it's heavily swayed in one direction from the other is the problem. Don't pretend like you don't see what's up.

Sitdown1897d ago

What's up is that there is no proof that paying attention to marketing is the reason that first party games are not being cultivated. As a matter of fact, one could argue that spending too much time cultivating their 3 main first party titles is the reason that other titles can't manifest.

inStereo1896d ago

My feelings exactly. Total BS.

S2Killinit1896d ago

I'm pretty sure the money for their marketing campaigns comes from an allotment for the gaming division. Couple that with the fact that their 1st party exclusive line up is practically non-existent, then you can kind of guess where the money is going. This article perhaps.

SoloSkywalker1896d ago

I have a Pro and an X and am making the switch to the One X as my primary. It's a thing for some people.

Gotcha51896d ago

I doubt this article too... You can always lead a pony to water but you can't make them drink it.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1897d ago

Why can't die hard gamers make the switch, too?

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LastCenturyRob1897d ago

More "tech enthusiasts" out there than you think..MS literally lost millions of its user base to Sony simply because the standard PS4 was more powerful than the standard X1. To those who mostly play cross plats the X is looking very tempting and regardless what some say the Xbox brand has some stellar exclusives...The backward compatibility is a nice feature as well. The X won't sell 30 million units for MS. Its not supposed to, but it will do very well heading down the line.

GrubsterBeater1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

"MS literally lost millions of its user base to Sony simply because the standard PS4 was more powerful than the standard X1."

That's NOT what happened, even though XBox fans would like to think that. 360 sales were inflated with RRoD along with a year headstart to boost sales as well. Sony pulled any existing sales over to PlayStation due to GAMES, not power.

If it was power, then you would have seen a MASSIVE drop in PS sales in hardware and software, along with significant PS4 trade-ins towards the One X.... which is not only NOT happening, but PS sales are very, very strong. You XBox fans really need to quit the delusion that power in PS4 stole the Xbox fans by multiple millions...

"The X won't sell 30 million units for MS. Its not supposed to, but it will do very well heading down the line."

Hmmm... quite the contradictory statement considering that you believe millions of people left XBox for the PS4's power. With that being said, wouldn't the One X have been breaking record sales at the moment? Along with all the people selling their PS4's to get a One X to play multiplats...?

XBox lost sales and fans due to their own shortcomings, lies, spin, and lack of almost any exclusives to make it relevant...

DogJosha1897d ago

This gen didn't start so long ago that you should have forgotten how it started. People jumped ship due to all the anti consumer practices M$ tried to introduce with the Xbox One. It wasn't due to the Xbox One being weaker. The PS4 won't lose from such a simple thing.

TheVetOfGaming1897d ago

It wasn't simply that it was more powerful. There were a lot of factors. That excuse maybe works if you're trying to convince people like this story is trying to do, but that's basically lies. It was price, power, exclusives, no drm and other things, too.

JackBNimble1897d ago

MS screwed themselves before this gen even started..... anyone remember E3 2013?
Even the backlash of the rumours before E3 should have been MS wake up call.

Phill-Spencer1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )


"MS screwed themselves before this gen even started..... anyone remember E3 2013?"

I agree with you but i have to add, and this is a important factor to count in, they were already screwed by releasing x1 in the same year sony released ps4. Just with 360, they would have secured millions of sales from gamers almost desperately waiting for the next gen to begin and therefore would be willing to buy an xbx, if they somehow managed to release x1 1yr or more before ps4.

In a fair sales race they will always bound to lose against playstation, with a 1 or 2 years headstart they were/ would at least be able to build up a buffer that lasted for a certain time before ultimately getting caught up and outpaced.

bluefox7551897d ago

The only ones that ever cared about that was the fanboys, and you guys are the only ones that care now. If your theory wasn't complete nonsense, PS4 users would be jumping ship left and right to get an X. But PS4 is up, and Xbox is down.

spreadlove1897d ago

I think true power of X is enticing a lot of people. I have seen lots of PS4 and PC players say they are jumping ship. Some have added the console to their setup. Many places are selling out. Right now Amazon doesn't even have enough stock to fulfill their sales.

DrumBeat1897d ago

That was part of the aggregate, true, but that's only a small part of it.

starchild1896d ago

Power definitely played a significant role. I personally know people who chose a PS4 this gen and power was a big part of why they did. There are other important factors though and some of those, like exclusive games, are playing a bigger role now than they did then.

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VINNIEPAZ1897d ago

It's obviously clear you're a Ps fan boy, what else is new on N4G though. But anyways, "real die hard gamers" are content with what they have? Um I think I'm a pretty diehard fan of gaming, PLUS I'm kinda a tech enthusiastic. That being said, I used to buy all my games on PS4 because they normally would be better. Now I'm switching a lot of games I still need to play over to Xbox that are enhanced. Ffxv is my current game. How are you a "real die hard" and not play all the games? I have and always buy all systems. I can play NieR automata, Gears of War (I like horde mode mostly), and Zelda, I'd say that's pretty hard core. You must be a casual. Oh and don't speak for the rest of us. Trolls are so 3 years ago. Enjoy gaming or gtfo

TFJWM1897d ago

If your die hard and tech enthusiastic wouldn't you be playing all future MS titles on PC...

Shadow0171897d ago

Not going to lie Vinnepaz. Tfjwm made a very good point.

VINNIEPAZ1897d ago

I can't play Mario Odyssey, NieR Automata or God of War on PC. So pass

TFJWM1897d ago

@VINNIEPAZ Nier Automata is on PC.....

AKS1896d ago

I bought a GTX 1080 with Destiny 2 for $509. I'm not sure if I qualify as a "real die hard gamer," but my multiplatfom games look pretty damn good. Ironically, HDR for PC is currently broken due to a Microsoft "Creator's update" as though they were getting revenge on me for passing on the X for a similarly priced GPU.

VINNIEPAZ1895d ago

Ok and? What about Mario Odyssey and Zelda? 2 game of the year contenders and you can't play that on PC. I swear you guys are slow just looking for stupid excuses. What a bunch of jaded gamers

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NXFather1897d ago

Yeah real talk. I am planning to grab a pro in a few days or so even though the mighty x is out now.

Sitdown1897d ago

That doesn't make sense. Real die hard gamers would not be perfectly content with what they have....they would want it all. As a gamer, I want to be able to experience it all, and have the best.

darthv721897d ago

Why does there have to be a switch from one to another....?

There is room for both. Coexistence trumps all.

DrumBeat1897d ago

I think the whole 'switch' idea is nothing more than covert fanboyism. Yep. I said it. Nothing to do with games, price, etc. It's a term attached to an agenda.

_-EDMIX-_1897d ago

Absolutely agreed the only way I even see someone being able to purchase all these devices on the Fly is they have to be very rich and buying such a thing clearly money is not an object.

ZehnDrachen1897d ago

I agree dude. Regular people who just play games don’t really care.

babadivad1897d ago

Real diehard fanboys maybe.

FyBy1897d ago

I agree. For tech enthusiast its logical. But its nothing like game changer. Was Pro last year game changer? Was switch (despite revolutionary concept and very good sales) a game changer? No. For MS its good step, thats all. And for Sony and Nintendo its again healthy competition.

starchild1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

To me the PS4 Pro was a game changer. But I'm the kind of person that cares about the quality of my games. If I could play all games on my PC I would, but there are a lot of great PS4 exclusives that can't be played on PC and the PS4 Pro is the next best thing. It made a big difference to me.

So yeah, if I didn't want or couldn't own a PC for some reason I could easily see myself getting an Xbox One X to go along with my PS4 Pro.

bluefox7551897d ago

Sure, but wouldn't "tech enthusiasts" already have an enthusiast PC?

_LarZen_1897d ago

The only ones making assumptions like this are fanboys.

drunkenspy0071897d ago

I'm a tech enthusiast but know that XB1X brings nothing new to the table. I own a PC and would think if anyone really wanted top level performance, they would spend the extra to invest in a PC that can do everything XBX1X can and a whole lot more. I agree that PS4 / switch owners are gamers compared to someone interested in what is essentially just tech bling.

_LarZen_1897d ago

And if you don’t want a PC?

Aceman181897d ago

I don't see how buying an X is a game changer, that just means you own both systems now. It's not like your going to stop playing games on the Pro.

I think this writer just wanted to start something that isn't there.

headblackman1897d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond

that's not a die hard gamer. that's a die hard fanboy! a gamer doesn't have any limits of where he or she can or will play. a true gamer will own all consoles and play all games that interest them on those games (interest can be game play, visuals, performance, or anything). like myself for instance, i prefer the xbox brand, but i also own a pc, ps4, and soon to own a nintendo switch on this black friday. im a gamer and i refuse to restrict myself on what and where i can play games!


michellelynn09761896d ago

So now it is games, not tech. So only when Sony is more powerful, does power matter? Hmmmm

subtenko1896d ago

A game changer take out and exclusive and put in a multiplatform one.....

S2Killinit1896d ago

the difference in graphics aren't even that much. I don't think I've yet to see anything on xboneX as beautiful as Horizon: Zero Dawn, or Uncharted 4. So I don't know if a slightly sharper multiplayer game that is the same game would make me want to 'switch' to a console that doesn't seem to have its own games at all.

Condemnedman1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

glad you know every person who purchased the X I'll tell who purchased the X iall types of people not just tech heads stop with crap

RadicalCannibal1896d ago

Youre the authotity on this subject are you? Who know how many defectors there are

starchild1896d ago

I don't know why people always act like it's only possible to own one gaming platform. There's no need to switch consoles.

That said, if I could only own one console it would be the PS4 (Pro) thanks to all the great exclusive games it offers. If I could only own two platforms I would choose the PC and PS4 Pro (which is what I currently own). However, if I could only own two consoles (specifically consoles) then I would choose the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

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XiNatsuDragnel1897d ago

People are making a switch is game changer. There title done

1896d ago
NXFather1897d ago

What movie is that creature from please? Thanks in advance.

Hardiman1897d ago

It's Gunther from Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse from the early 80's.

Elda1897d ago

I love new tech but for me personally I don't need an X when the XBO has no new compelling exclusives.The Pro is all I need now for my gaming needs especially that 2018 is right around the corner.

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NXFather1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I know they will be busy on the x with their superior graphics in all those sequels and bc and I will be with the hype crowd checking out that new new. What even are those games. Those 3rd party games just don't have the same level of expectations as these Sony first Party games.

EDIT: I seriously have no Idea what those 3rd party games are other than CDPR and the next GTA(VI).
EDIT 2: Oh yeah I meant to put Cyberpunk 2077

KillBill1897d ago

"Those 3rd party games just don't have the same level of expectations as these Sony first Party games."

Pretty sure RDR2, Anthem, and many other titles are surely being looked at under a microscope by gamers. Expectations are equally as high for 3rd party titles as 1st. Otherwise, these 3rd party games wouldn't be as purchased as they are.

DrumBeat1897d ago

This is the kind of fan anyone can respect. We should all aspire to be like this, even when other commenters annoy us. Completely respectable post, Elda.

mogwaii1897d ago

My guess is you dont have a decemt 4k hdr tv cause the difference is clear on the x.

yeahright21897d ago

No, it's not. You need to have them labeled to tell the difference. That or have someone like digital foundry zoom way in and point it out for you. I guarantee you if I put the images up side by side with no labels you'd be guessing which is which.

starchild1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )


That's blatantly false. I can easily see such differences on my own. If I was playing one version and someone secretly switched it with the other version I would quickly notice the improvement or downgrade. Don't tell me you're also one of those people that claim there is hardly any difference between a multiplat on PC and console. Which is just laughable to any person with normal perceptive abilities that has compared games between PC and console.

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OC_MurphysLaw1897d ago

I wouldn't call it a game changer but if I invested $1,000+ on a $4k TV I would argue that you should opt to maximize that 4K experience. The price difference is negligible in the grand scheme of things.

Cmv381897d ago

Good luck playing gow4, hzd, uc4, etc.... content matters too. I don't just care for the prettiest versions of cod in the grand scheme of things.

Omnislashver361897d ago

Bingo. Grand scheme of things my ass, Xbox multiplats look better but Sony 1st party looks even better than that.

No grand scheme when Xbox doesn't have games that interest you.