Quick Piece: In a Handful of Ways, Drake's Fortune Outshines the Rest of the Series

"While Uncharted: Drake's Fortune may have aged a bit since its initial launch in 2007, it's still a fantastic game even by today's standards. Back in 2007, the PlayStation 3 was starving for a must-have exclusive and Drake's Fortune quenched many gamer's thirsts. Typically, Drake's Fortune is near the bottom of many gamer's Uncharted rankings. However, I believe that in a handful of ways Drake's Fortune is still unmatched by any of its sequels." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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generic-user-name335d ago

I liked Drake's Fortune a lot, replayed it a bunch back when my PS3 was thirsty for games, but Uncharted 2 blew me away (controlling Drake inside the collapsing building was amazing), they turned all the dials up to 11 and it was one of the most improved sequels ever, similar to AC1 -> AC2.

In my opinion 2 is still the best in the franchise, though 4 came close and actually so did TLL tbh.

EatCrow334d ago

I liked the first a lot too. Those creatures at the end are my favourite...really changed the gameplay for me.
Really cool too.

The second for me, since i replayed it a year ago or so, was a letdown. Story wise it was, still is, the best. But I seriously had a problem with the many waves of enemies. Same problem I had with UC4 actually, too much climbing and too much repititive boring encoounters...not to mention nade spamming.

Havent played TLL but youre making me itching to pick it up.

Dark_Knightmare2335d ago

Yeah no while Uc 1 is what turned me into a huge Uc and nd fanboy and made them my favorite series and developer Uc 1 is in no way,shape or form better than the rest of the series.

cha0sknightmare335d ago

It's a fun game, but its by far inferior to every Uncharted game that came after it (minus Golden Abyss)