Star Wars Battlefront II Review – The Force Flows Through You I The Koalition

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes: If there’s one reason that can be said about why EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II isn’t as good as its predecessor, it’s because the game falls victim to its own restrictions and harsh padding. Star Wars Battlefront II is a visually beautiful game but is plagued by some very confusing design choices and gameplay issues that overshadow its gorgeous environments, sound design, and cool fan service.

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rbailey359d ago

EA strikes once again by delivering another disappointing experience. Mass Effect Andromeda was bad enough but this is downright ridiculous. Both franchises deserve better than this.

TheVetOfGaming359d ago

Both deserved better than EA. I'm getting sick to death of their practice. Loot boxes, premium content, buggy games... Battlefield 1 was the only new game I bought from them and that was for $25 on the psn sale, and half of that is locked behind premium.

fiveby9359d ago

Yep, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I bought ME:A and was underwhelmed, to say the least. Not going to buy BF2 at this point. I will wait to see what EA/DICE announces for their revamped MT purchase system before I commit any money to that game.

FullmetalRoyale359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

EA making Activision *look like a straight up baby face. That takes a special level of soullessness.
I go to work everyday, ultimately, to earn money. But being in the restaurant business I understand that you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.
A customer knows you are making a profit off of them, but you should do it with a handshake, over a slap in the face.

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Immorals359d ago

Shady practices to extort more money from gamers plus rushed development to capitalise on branding. Screw you ea.

The sound and visuals are fantastic, the single player is okay but the multiplayer is really poorly designed. What's the point of having 3 different timeliness and 6 different factions if they all play the same. The levels are bigger but mostly unused and is just focused on choke points. There's no real progression.

Real shame that ea won't just remake the original 2 battlefronts, those games worked well.