The Tragedy of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Excellent Lore Revealing Campaign

EB: The campaign in particular is the biggest loser in the controversy surrounding this game, because now many casual and hardcore Star Wars fans will probably skip it due to the backlash this game has received from critics and gamers alike. I get that the Battlefront 2 franchise is all about waging war with others online to feel as if you’re taking part in the same galactic conflicts that made you a Star Wars fan in the first place, but in this sequel, it also features a well thought out and lore laden campaign that just shouldn’t be missed by serious Star Wars fans.

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GNCFLYER428d ago

Rent it, play the campaign, take it back.

Felsager427d ago


Sadly a great universe got tarnished by the gripe of loot boxes, micro transactions and greed. Star Wars got a big loss thanks to EA business practices.

Dark_Knightmare2427d ago

It's what I did and I have no regrets it really is a good campaign

Grap428d ago

EA thought they could maximize their profit with Starwars, they are clearly planned to put loot boxes in every game they launch. with closing SP studios and buying relatively a good studio in MP, they thought they can get a way with F2P monetization with a $60 game.

SolidGear3428d ago

Wish it was sold separately for lower price :/

Fishy Fingers427d ago

I’m just going to wait until I can pick it up cheap (something like £15-20) just to play through the campaign. Should have the (free) DLC by then too.

R6ex427d ago

I'm not giving EA my money. I'll either
(1) buy a Used disc to play the SP,
(2) rent it for the SP or
(3) just watch the SP movie on Youtube.

EA must be taught a lesson!

-Foxtrot428d ago

Campaign story was shit and shouldn’t be canon

Oh yeah the story is UNFINISHED aswell having to buy DLC for it...they are going to loose money there aswell

Silkside427d ago

DLCs are free, stop spreading shit

Damthatsword427d ago

I wonder why it's free though. If you think it's out of the "goodness" of their heart, then you are naive.

CorndogBurglar427d ago

@ derksoolz

The DLC is free because it was a smokescreen by EA.

They know fans were mad about the $50 season pass from BF1. So they told everyone all DLC is free, then implemented an even worse MT system that is a potential bottomless pit of spending. Then they made the progression take so long that people would have to pay real money to unlock everything, because few people would spend hundreds and hundreds of hours trying lock everything through normal gameplay.

So essentially they removed the static price of DLC, told everyone how great they are for doing that, then put in an even worse system that would not have a cap on their potential profit.

Thats why they aren't charging for DLC. It was all a smokescreen.

-Foxtrot427d ago

Ok so it’s free but don’t be so f******* hostile jeeez

I made a mistake, it’s EA what do you expect, I thought it would be

POINT’s free because it’s unfinished

Still doesn’t justify it

Dark_Knightmare2427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

No you don't have to pay for the dlc for it. It's coming out on dec 13th for free just like all the other dlc is free. The campaign fed wasn't shit it was actually awesome especially for Star Wars fanboys like me. I was skeptical going in that they wouldn't be able to tell a good story branching from Rotj up to the force awakens but they did pull it off pretty well and even threw a rogue one nod in which I loved because that movie is so good.

_-EDMIX-_427d ago

Huh? The downloadable content for this game is all going to be for free.

I don't understand , you complained so much about Battlefront 1 not having a single player and I even told you even if it did you would probably complain about it and you're literally several years later doing exactly what I said you would do...

So like I said before does it even matter that the first game did not have a single player if you were just going to complain about its quality anyway?

DICE makes short single player campaigns so 6 to 7 hours is not really that shocking Battlefield 1 had around that long of a single player campaign....

Factor most of the battlefield series and even Call of Duty games have single players that last around that long.

Now you're complaining about getting more of it for free? 😂😂😂


So let me guess suddenly "originally" it was supposed to be a 40-hour single player campaign?

I mean what exactly is your angle anyway? So are you trying to tell me the team held back content only to release it for free down the line? Why? To what benefit? 😂😂😂

I mean buddy this is your hypothetical if you're going to make it sound like the game was unfinished at least have some sort of proper reasoning for why they would even release the content later on after the fact

Let me guess? You lost your stupid excuse of them selling the content back to you huh? 😎

So with this content being completely for free for all users I'd really like to understand what your new narrative is now.

Damthatsword427d ago

The new narrative for EA is to trick the gullible.

-Foxtrot427d ago Show
Strafe427d ago

'The downloadable content for this game is all going to be for free. '

Maps? Whoop-de-doo. That takes the minimal amount of effort from EA, minimal. They won't add anything substantial. You really are a fool.

_-EDMIX-_427d ago

@fox-your entire emotional personal attack rant only further shows that you're having a harder and harder time arguing against the idea of them giving away free content I'm sorry but you spent a lot of energy arguing about the first Battlefront having a $50 season pass but you're now back peddling and trying to ignore that the contents being given away for free.

So it's bad when it's $50 but it's still bad when it's free?

😂😂😂 Finding less and less to argue about huh?

When did I defend MT? 🤔🤔🤔

In fact numerous times I stated I would not purchase any microtransactions

I'm sorry but you're just running out of things to complain about you complained about the season pass on the first game you complain about it not having a single player but now you're complaining about the free content and you're also complaining that it has a single player? 😂😂😂

Suuuuurrre buddy

So let me guess it has too much content?

So you have more personal attacks instead of logic correct? 😎

Looks like you've had an end pass

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Bismarn427d ago

It's not that great a campaign. It actually has the exact same story as Warhammer 40K Space Marine for the PS3 and Xbox 360

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