Hands-on with Skyrim VR

Bethesda's classic RPG has been re-released for PlayStation VR, so we've been putting it through its paces.

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359d ago
nishanth123359d ago

Skyrim in Vr is amazing!! Period.
I finished the game a few years ago, it's one thing to play on TV, but to be in the world of Skyrim is awesome!
I wish they port more classics to VR. Imaging Metro, Bioshock series in PSVR with aim controller support.. (instant buy)

IamTylerDurden1359d ago

It is amazing to step into the frigid world of Tamriel. It truly is a new way to experience Skyrim that ppl need to experience in order to understand how immersive it is.

mafiahajeri359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Biocshock VR? Sign me up! Seriously go suggest that to 2k on twitter 😂

crazyCoconuts359d ago

I've gotten used to using the move controllers with turn buttons. Granted I'd love a thumbstick, but I don't think it's that bad

Auron359d ago

Using the bow has never been so easy and fun!

IamTylerDurden1359d ago

And you can use your hands independently. You can block an attack with your shield to your right and fire magic at an enemy to your left at the same time. Skyrim VR is incredibly impressive.

xPhearR3dx359d ago

Do you happen to have any tips? I've seen the video from Bethesda, but my aim usually freaks out and half the time when I pull the arrow back, I release the button but it doesn't fire. Might just be my set up though.

Auron359d ago

I'm not using the move controllers I'm using the actual ps4 controller and using my head to aim