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The franchise’s first three-pointer in over a decade

WTMG's Leo Faria writes: "In the end, I can safely say I’m positively surprised with how much I’ve been enjoying NBA Live 18 so far. It might not have the same amount of content and additional as its biggest competitor, nor it has the same level of realistic gameplay, but its newcomer-friendly gameplay and incredibly entertaining career mode, devoid of progress-hindering microtransactions, more than make up for it. Besides, playing as a polygon yourself in a video game never ceases to be amazing. After years of being considered the ugly duckling of basketball games, NBA Live 18 finally manages to outshine its competition after more than a decade, not only due to being an actual good game, but also given the amount of controversial decisions adopted by its 2K Sports rival. Definitely looking forward to next year’s iteration."

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SlySouls335d ago

I'm not big on sports games but maybe I'll pick this up.

lptmg335d ago

twas 15 bucks on Black Friday

SlySouls335d ago

There ya go. I like the idea of giving myself an afro.