Hideki Kamiya Wants To Do A Viewtiful Joe,DMC Remake And A Dante x Bayonneta Crossover

Hideki Kamiya: I want to work on a Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe remake, or a true sequel for Okami. A cooperation with Dante (from Devil May Cry) and Bayonetta might also be fun.

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Abash1896d ago

A remake of the first DMC would be amazing. The game is one of the greatest of all time and it would be even better with the more developed combat systems in DMC3 and DMC4

-Foxtrot1896d ago

Wonder if they could fix things in a DMC2 remake

_-EDMIX-_1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )


Fox- lol you know I never thought of that , a remake of a notoriously bad game being corrected to actually be good.

1896d ago
lxeasy1896d ago

Dante X Bayonetta Someone fund this like NOW

Enturax1896d ago

Uh, no please? Weren't we waiting for DMC5 all this time?? To see what happens to Nero now that we're certain Vergil is his father or is, at least, related to him in some way? And what happens to Dante - will he keep on killing demons for eternity?
Also, we already had a remake 5 years ago, so we don't need a 3rd freaking version/continuity...

RememberThe3571896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I'd really love an okami I sequel from him

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DarkOcelet1896d ago

Capcom,make it happen now!

Relientk771896d ago

Hell yes to Dante x Bayonneta Crossover. I wanna see them kick ass together.

Fullmetalevolust1896d ago

I know, that's what really cool about this "announcement." Their world could collide and make an amazing action beat them up game. I think Platinum games are experienced enough now to delve back into the DMC world and give it that smooth bayonetta gameplay.

-Foxtrot1896d ago


I'd also want to see Bayonetta 2 on the PS4/Xbox One by some miracle

DaFeelz1896d ago

Someone would have to hand over a nice chunk of change or/and royalties to get Nintendo to give that up. Money makes miracles happen

SinkingSage1896d ago

Paying royalties to a company that doesn't own the franchise??

DaFeelz1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

@sinking Nope. But they do own the rights to Bayonetta 2 specifically. Which is what Foxtrot is asking for.

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The story is too old to be commented.