We Didn't Need A Remake Of Secret Of Mana, But It's Kinda Great (TSA)

TSA writes: "Secret of Mana might be one of the most beloved action RPGs from the SNES, but it’s made immeasurably better when you change the protagonist’s name from Randi, which is already childishly amusing enough, to Ayn Rand. Truth be told, I wanted it to be Ayn Randi, but ran out of characters. There’s just something delightfully silly about the creator of objectivist philosophy being lambasted for dooming the town of Potos and the world to destruction by taking a rusty sword from a stone."

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InTheZoneAC334d ago

I'm not liking the new graphics/art style at all. What was so hard about cleaning up the sprites? Anyone play legend of Mana? They lost me with this art direction.

bluefox755334d ago

The author sounds like he was hurt as a child by Ayn Rand.

iofhua334d ago

Remake the 3rd one and release it in the US!

therealmacoy334d ago

I hate articles like these. They assume they know what everyone wants. I look forward to this title and will be buying it day one, as will others.