Plants vs Zombies Creator Fired by EA for Refusing Pay-to-Win System

A new report reveals the Plant vs Zombies creator George Fan was fired due to him not wanting to make PvZ2 pay-to-win.

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Nitrowolf21067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Well good for him for standing up for what he believes in.

This folks right here, is why we dont hear a lot of developers talking against it. This is just pathetic of Ea


mark_parch1066d ago

I never really get to much into the politics of gaming but I'm seriously thinking about boycotting battlefront 2 after hearing all the recent news

InTheZoneAC1066d ago

waiting for a local gamestop to have a used copy in stock, EA's never getting a dime from me again. I haven't bought a disc for 7 years, EA is forcing me to buy used now.

-Foxtrot1066d ago

Good for him. That takes balls when he probably knew he'd be fired for it.

He knew in the end this would get out and show gamers how they treat their studios, I mean we already know but joint onto the Battlefront II controversary it sends out an even stronger message.

This is how low they will go.

SegaGamer1067d ago

If that is true, then it just proves everybody right when it comes to EA. They have done nothing good for gaming in years now. It's got to the point where i think we would be better without them.

lxeasy1067d ago

This is why I don't buy EA games, such talented developers but cooperate heads at EA are filled with Greed. Those evil jerks

NXFather1067d ago

Well some things won't change.

The_KELRaTH1067d ago

You only have look at the wide range of games being sold in the 80' for Apple, Atari 8 bit and Commodore. The offerings were huge yet the market was relatively small.
Now the market is absolutely massive yet the selection of games is quite small due to the dominance of EA and Activision.
If you want real choice again you have to head to the tablet market!

Sirk7x1067d ago

The amount of quality independent games is higher than it's ever been, and companies nowadays have many ways to directly interact with their audience almost instantaneously. I agree that a good portion of the AAA market is going to shit, but there are still many, many fantastic games to be played.

showtimefolks1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Why you let EA buy you out now this is the price sadly

Valve's Gabe was right when there were rumored of EA wanting to buy valve Gabe said something almost the lines of Germany bought out by EA told and be fired in few years

EA I really do mean it I hope all your games suffer badly otherwise every publisher will become like you

Pandemic suffered the same fate

datriax1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Good god. EA never ceases to amaze what a cancerous pile of dogs**t they are. F**k EA, and everyone that works there.

PS. You rock for sticking to your guns George Fan.

Username002781067d ago

I worked there, Ea Vancouver twice. Yes it sucked, but it was a great experience over all.
Three AAA games under my belt.
I have bills to pay and mouths to feed.
F me? And all the others that work there?

Silly gameAr1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

A lot of gamers don't think of the devs that work at these companies that have to support their families. Most of what happens is out of the devs control, but hey f em' anyway I guess.

People say that gamers are the worse when it comes to this new outrage culture thing. That's not true for a lot of gamers out there, but some just want to watch the world burn if they don't get what they want, how they want it.

BTW datriax, this isn't directed at you, just saying some need to be just a bit more considerate, and place their anger towards the right people.

Jinger1067d ago

I don't blame the developers for a lot of these corporate decisions. The developers put their hard work, sweat and tears into these games.

FreddyFazbear1067d ago

He may not mean the devs, just caught up in the moment. I respect devs and I know you guys are not to blame but the higher ups, execs, stockholders etc. its their decisions

NXFather1067d ago

I think he cleary mean't the corporate practices. If this is how you feel, you could just bluntly say that gamers are spoiled and don't support titles enough to avoid these practices instead of having us not sure why we should feel sorry for you. Although most anyone in your shoes is just going to do what needs to be done. So I definitely see part of your point.

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moomoo3191066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Again, there are surely great devs at EA, but stop pretending imaginary suits are designing and implementing these pay-2-win systems. It is the developers, the ones who actually DEVELOP the game. The order may or or may not come from up top, but its the devs who need to figure out smart and fair ways to implement this shit. Its not impossible, plenty of other games get it right.

Artemidorus1067d ago

Glad all this is exposing EA it's a corporate company buying out potential little companies and finding ways of squeezing money out of gamers until it's done then they disband them later on.

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