Happy 10th Birthday ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune might be the weakest title in the series, but it is nonetheless a fantastic game in its own right, with its immersive story, wonderful cast, and astounding last-gen visuals.

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MrVux0001344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

One of those developers and game franchises that got better game after game, and if i may be so bold, they always raised the graphical and narrative standard by which other games are compared/reviewed on (especially after Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 4).

I will always look at those 10 years quite fondly. For that i'm thankful to both Sony and Naughty Dog.

chris2351344d ago

i say the games got more abd more dull with each release. funny what happens when you‘re not a brand slave. you start to see the flaws after one title and ask yourself why you should pay for that. again and again.

Kleptic1344d ago


2 was 'more dull' than 1, yet walked away with every relevant award from 2009...4 was 'more dull' than 3, and did the exact same thing last year...

The irony is that Uncharted is great enough that regardless of platform's one of the best franchises of modern gaming...and only being a 'brand slave' nets ignoring that.

2pacalypsenow1344d ago

Damn the 10 years went y fast, I still remember playing the demo before going to school for like a week straight.