The Wii U Probably is the Modern-Day Dreamcast

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

The Wii U will go down in history as Nintendo's most troubled home system. In a few ways, it parallels the legacy of the infamous SEGA Dreamcast.

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EddieNX 359d ago

That's fair enough. Both were great and had some top games. Wiiu is crap as a concept compared to Switch though, we know it , Nintendo knew it and that's why we have The Switch!

AKR359d ago

I disagree that it was a "crap concept". The system had to constantly stream a wireless video signal to the Gamepad that was sometimes separate from the video signal that was going to the HDMI port. That means it was basically double-rendering, and half the workload had to be pushed wirelessly. Most likely that's the reason the Gamepad's screen was only 480p, because an HD screen would have made the workload even more strenuous on the hardware.

Had Nintendo tried something like the Switch in 2012, it would have been far more expensive than just $300, not to mention the mobile technology the system uses wouldn't be anywhere near the Tegra X1 that powers it right now.

EddieNX 359d ago

Underused features. It was a mistake in the end. Great games yes but not the best console ever by any means.

The Switch is the real deal.

PhoenixUp359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

The Dreamcast actually pushed gaming hardware forward and was very influential, unlike the Wii U

masterfox359d ago

lol yeah right, to put it short it goes something like this:
* Wii U games = garbage
* Dreamcast games = awesome

SegaGamer359d ago

The only similarities i see is that they both failed to sell as well as the companies would have hoped. Everything else was very different though and the Dreamcast was by far the better console. To this day, the Dreamcast has some of my all time favourite games, i can't say the same for the Wii U. Not a single game released on the Wii U is in my top 50.

higgins78358d ago

Bayonetta 2, SM3DW, Tropical Freeze, Splatoon, Mario Maker, MK8, A Breath of the Wild, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Smash, Rayman Legends, etc, etc, etc. None of these games deserving?

Cobra951358d ago

I'm surprised by how well it runs Breath of the Wild. That's a demanding open-world game.

higgins78358d ago

Don't bother. This is the type of knucklehead who'd dismiss masterpiece after masterpiece only to champion some shovelware distributed via EA or the like. A fan boy of the worst variety.

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