Minecraft Aquatic Update, New Mob, And More Announced At MineCon Earth

GameFragger: The Aquatic Update for Minecraft will be the largest for the game's oceans, adding coral, kelp, dolphins, and more. Mojang has also delayed the Super Duper Graphics pack for the Nintendo Switch version.

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-Foxtrot336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

That's it? All this time...jeez.

The updates for this are terrible. For MS buying it for 2.5 billion you'd think there would be a great team on it with a constant flow of updates. By now in 2017 and with Microsofts help this should have added the majority of the very best mods for the base game. It's still lacking in so many areas

They had a Mob Vote...really? Just add them all, more content the better.

Different games I know but Terraria showed how to do updates.

TargusX335d ago

At last! They're giving the oceans some love!