CDPR Responds To Games As A Service Rumor For Cyberpunk 2077


Worry not. When thinking CP2077, think nothing less than TW3 — huge single player, open world, story-driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for — no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others.

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DarkOcelet429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

"Worry not. When thinking CP2077, think nothing less than TW3 — huge single player, open world, story-driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for — no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others."

GOD DAMN! Now that's a response!

CP2077 is a day 1 title for me. Thank you CDPR for not supporting bullshit practices like those publishers do. Take note EA/Activision/Ubisoft/Take 2. That's how you make us gamers happy.

-Foxtrot429d ago

I hope they pull it off.

Usually when a single player focused developer decides to add multiplayer/online in their games they sometimes bite off more then they can chew which effects the single player compared to the last title. We've seen it happen before and yes they are great developers but because they haven't done something like this it's a nail biting wait and see scenario.

I still hope the online is a second thought and the single player comes first. I want it to feel like a single player games like the Witcher 3 but with the online as an extra rather then a lot of games this gen where you have online focused games which are made to look single player aswell but the single player is just a front for the main online show.

DarkOcelet429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Well, looking at that tweet they just made, am fairly confident we will have an awesome single player component comparable to Witcher 3 alongside a multiplayer component. And Multiplayer can be awesome if done right so i say, lets reserve our judgment on the multiplayer aspect until we see the game.

WelkinCole428d ago

ND managed to do that feat with U2 with regards to SP and MP that didn't impact SP negatively. No reason why Red can't

I have followed them and listen and read their interviews. Red is one of the rare types of devs that don't bullshit anyone. They are not happy with just doing things easy. They are not happy in just doing things already done. They go way out of their comfort zone in trying new things.

In many way Guerrilla games are following their lead and why Red congratulated them when Horizon was released.

Make no mistake. Cyberpunk is going to set a new standard in gaming once it releases.

_-EDMIX-_428d ago

That's exactly what I'm worried about so I'm really hoping that they bring in a networking team because I personally don't really like what I'm hearing about multiplayer features in this game.

I'd rather the same just focus on single player.

jwillj2k4428d ago

Even if the game is mediocre I’m buying for the cause. That’s where we are at with the gaming industry in 2017.

Damthatsword428d ago

they should just rip off dark souls' bloodstain mechanic. half the industry already did anyway.

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Tru_Blu428d ago

I might just go buy another copy of witcher 3 just for that :)

UCForce428d ago

You can see Horizon Zero Dawn did same thing like Witcher 3.

_-EDMIX-_428d ago

I mean technically speaking Electronic Arts Ubisoft and even Microsoft is giving free season passes to huge content for some of their games

talk to me when CD projekt Red gives all the expansions completely for free. .

Trust me I understand what you're saying but if you look at what multiple companies have done to my understanding CD projekt Red is not out here giving you a free expansion.

Their quality is through the roof but let's not just pretend as if other Publishers have not been giving away free season passes

If CD projekt Red gives out the expansion completely for free, then we could say they are doing what Electronic Arts Ubisoft in Microsoft have done...

Until then they are actually still selling their expansions.

I don't know about you but I would love for them to just announced that the expansions for the game will be completely for free for all users!

Heck if evil Electronic Arts and evil Ubisoft in evil merciless Microsoft could do it why can't CD projekt Red?

🤔🤔🤔&# 129300;

The 10th Rider428d ago

The base Witcher 3 game, without the expansions, has more content than any modern EA game does even *with* expansions. It's not like they're trying to rip people off in anyway, unlike EA is constantly trying to do. EA literally updated the roster on a Vita version of FIFA and then sold it as a new version of FIFA at full price. They're hated for good reason.

_-EDMIX-_428d ago

.... Did CD projekt Red give the expansions for free?

Very simple

Rachel_Alucard428d ago

I can see you're trying too hard to spin this in your narrative but I'll bite.

The way Witcher 3 handles expansions is the same way they were handled back in 1999. You got a full game, and 2 expansions priced appropriately that were themselves full expansions and not some sodomized crap. There's nothing wrong with that because that's how it should be done to this day.

With EA, Microsoft, and ubisoft. You're getting a game that's incomplete, rushed to deadline, and has bare minimum content to pass as a full game, with MTs and tons of exploits designed to get you to pay more then a season pass ever would. What EA/MS advertise as "No season pass" actually means you'll end up paying more for less of a game if you do buy into their schemes. Even if you don't buy a single lootbox you're left with a slog and grind designed to break you down till you do buy into it. The simple fact that almost every game from every top publisher is online-only speaks for itself. Hell, right now if you check the recent Battlefront controversy everyone is against the no season pass thing EA has done because of the lootbox replacement every god damn publishers keeps shoving in. On a financial side they are going to always try to maximize profits no matter the cost due to the way their company is structured, CDPR isn't structured this way. On top of that all of the pieces of content for Witcher 3 that EA would've charged for each and every one of was given for free. You say CD project is greedy because they charged for an actually complete set of expansions for once but your ignorance is basing that line off of what other publishers have done to tarnish what expansions have become.

_-EDMIX-_428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

@Rachel- thats nice.

" What EA/MS advertise as "No season pass" actually means you'll end up paying more for less of a game"

Sure bud.

With CDPR you're getting a game that's incomplete, rushed to deadline, and has bare minimum content to pass as a full game, then charged for 2 expansions that should have been in the main game.

"On top of that all of the pieces of content for Witcher 3 that EA would've charged for each and every one of was given for free"

There expansions were free?

CDPR charged for those 2 expansions.....

Titanfall 2, Rainbow Six Halo 5 etc giving free maps and are you sure EA would have charged?

I mean...yup EA WOULD NEVER give anything away for free (besides all the maps to Titanfall 2, Battlefront 2)


So sure....they would never give them for free, besides the times THEY GAVE THEM FOR FREE... If I had zero links for you regarding this, sure, your right. EA NEVER does that....but facts show that is wrong. Facts show it is CDPR that has not released Witcher 3, with ALL content free post launch.

That isn't not true and clearly we can see that. The point being made, is BOTH are going to sell content to make money, some clearly have no issue giving away entire expansions for free, some will charge for that.

CDPR for a fact charged for those 2 expansions. Yet it is EA, Ubisoft and MS with several titles that have FREE MAPS and expansions for the life of those titles.

When CDPR MEETS that level of support, then we can talk. What you personally, EMOTIONALLY feel about those titles is irrelevant to facts.

fyi. I own Witcher 3 day 1. lol, did you think me owning the game would make me also lie about damn facts?

" You got a full game" LOL!

You can't say you got a "full game" anymore then you can say EA or Ubisoft etc made a "incomplete" game.

Sorry but those reasons apply to both, you seriously didn't realize that? Look, "OH 2 expansions for game XYZ? you mean the rest of the game charged to consumers? smh" So " You got a full game" is based on a subjective view, not a objective fact. What is a "full game"? Can you objective define and prove this? In the same respect, can you prove anything else is a "incomplete" game? lol Its a dumb argument and can again apply AGAINST even CDPR. ie they cut content to SELL expansions. You know not of what content was "cut" to sell you later on any game, CDPR, EA, Ubisoft, MS, Sony, Nintendo etc.

Rachel_Alucard428d ago (Edited 428d ago )


"With CDPR you're getting a game that's incomplete, rushed to deadline, and has bare minimum content to pass as a full game, then charged for 2 expansions that should have been in the main game."

Did you just take the average EA title and replace it with CDPR? Because everyone on this site and its surrounding parent sites knows your full of shit. Arguing with a contrarian is pointless.

The rest of the crap you spewed can be summarized with Micro-transactions to compensate for "free DLC and maps" and the fact that if I feel like I played for a long time and had enjoyment the entire way then I can say the game is full. I can't say that with most of the titles out these days, and then you went into a Asperger fit full of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors right after you gave that 1 downvote to every pro CDPR comment and followed up with lies and logical fallacy responses to them on this article. GG

equal_youth428d ago

Has everybody forgotten about the 16!!! free DLC's CDPR released in the weeks after the Witcher release?

TacoTaru428d ago

@Rachel_Alucard "Against stupidity, the Gods themselves, contend in vain". You may as well give up because he is now - la la la can't hear you - la la la can't hear you

_-EDMIX-_427d ago

@Rachel- "knows your full of shit."

Oh, so you don't have any logic, just personal attacks based on emotion? Isn't that what this is all about? You folks liking 1 publisher over the other? Lets be honest, this had nothing to do with one giving something for free and the other not doing it. Its why you can't say anything about EA giving free content, yet you also can't say anything about CDPR charging for content either.

I own both publishers games and the example given was to show that the argument can be made about any game.

So this "everyone knows" doesn't work. Any link can show you, both have given free content before.

How much you like either is irrelevant

I own Witcher 3 and I can still understand that they for a fact charged for their expansions. No bias regarding me liking the game.

If you can't stick to facts on this and your emotions are all over the place, you have no real place talking about what is being given for free and what isn't or what is a "full game" vs another.

"followed up with lies"

Then post the truth...

Did EA, Ubisoft, MS and many publishers not give content for free before? ie entire expansions?

Did CDPR not charge for those 2 expansions?

Any link can prove those statements. The issue is many on this site simply look at raw emotion. I don't care you dislike EA....thats not the point. Consider I don't add in that I like all the Witcher games and OWN ALL THE WITCHER games to OBJECTIVE facts. Anyone who has me on PSN can confirm I've had Witcher 3 day 1.

This isn't about if you like 1 publisher over the other (as it sounds like that is your issues emotionally) this is about facts. Fact remains that many publishers give content for free....fact. CDPR gave content for free....fact....they did not however give their expansions for free, yet EA, Ubisoft and MS did with a few titles. I'm not telling you to like EA, I'm not telling you to hate CDPR, I'm not going to name call either....simply look at facts vs emotions.

TacoTaru427d ago

Selling an expansion that was up for GOTY (don't know if it won) doesn't seem like an issue to me. Any of those free ones come close to that? Which of the EA or Ubi free expansions were close to that?

_-EDMIX-_427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Taco I definitely agree with you the expansions from The Witcher 3 where are easily some of the best expansions I've ever played for any game.

But that's not really the point the point is that they were still charged for what I'm trying to say is leave what you like about the game out of the objective fact.

Is the problem that you don't like the quality of Electronic Arts games? What's funny is that's not even what's being debated lol

At the end of the day Electronic Arts Ubisoft Microsoft released several games with free expansions.

I would love to see CD projekt Red release cyberpunk 2077 with 2 free expansions.

Put it this way I own the Witcher 3 and I'm saying this because I'm trying to make a point with how people objectively View certain aspects of Gaming.

I mean I own Rainbow Six Siege and I don't play it nowhere near as much as I played The Witcher 3 but I still understand and give credit for Ubisoft giving free content for the life of that game.

What I'm saying is leave your bias out of it. Absolutely The Witcher 3 is an amazing game and absolutely cyberpunk 2077 will be an amazing title as well, but we are talking about is what company objectively for a fact gave out to free content in the reality is all the companies were all talking about I've given out free content but clearly CD projekt Red is not willing to give out free expansions.

Whether you like those expansions or not or the quality of them is actually irrelevant.

I mean put it this way it's like your argument is basically "I really really really really really like Witcher 3"

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Sevir428d ago

That's one of the caveats of being an independent developer. They aren't founded and ran by conglomerates that aren't apart of the gaming industry that simply wants to profit.

outsider1624428d ago

"We leave greed to others" oh boy...i like this Brilliant

The 10th Rider428d ago

The Witcher 3 is available DRM free on PC because they believe that if it's a quality game people will pay for it. It still sold exceptionally well on PC completely blowing apart the idea that lack of DRM to prevent piracy hurts PC game sales. All around an amazing company.

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UCForce429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Now that’s amazing response, CD Project Red.

AnubisG428d ago

Ha, and we are just talking about them.😆

Diffraction_Fos428d ago

To be fair, in light of the huge backlash against MTs, they weren't going to say, "Yes, we are trying to join the loot-box club" are they? Even if they were to actually consider implementing loot-boxes in CP2077, they weren't going to come out and say it while gamers are vocally rebelling against anything related to loot-boxes. They're not stupid.

Gamers are way too easy to rile up and way too easy to appease again. Personally, I'll always remember that interview with the CDPR head, because I don't believe for a second that he'd randomly spew out something like that if it didn't have some amount of truth to it. Since the game release is at least a couple of years away, there's lots of time for the current loot-box hate to die down and for CDPR to implement it into CP2077 without much resistance from their fanbase.

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XiNatsuDragnel429d ago

Yes yes this is good for gaming support CD OVER EA

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