EA Messes Up Again – The Sims 4 Has SaveFile Deleting Bug On Consoles

ThisGenGaming says:"A lot of people have been reporting a game-breaking issue with the console version of The Sims 4: They can’t save and existing savefiles have become corrupted..."


Changed error: it was also occuring on Xbox One, not only on PS4.

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OB1Biker360d ago

ok I understand the EA spankng is 'cool' but why is the article about PS4 version?

bloodyspasm360d ago

Thanks for pointing this out. I updated the post.

MisterBronze360d ago

Because they really quickly rushed an article together for the clicks, without actually reading the source material.

rebeljoe14359d ago

Dang I’m glad I didn’t preorder it right off the bat and waited instead. Probably Best Buy will have it cheaper by Black Friday and EA will have a chance to fix it

execution17359d ago

I just entered a couple giveaways and see what happens from that if not I'll wait until they iron out the problems

_-EDMIX-_359d ago (Edited 359d ago )



Thats what I'm waiting for. Its like, I like the Sims and get every version most times, but I also like to have my game save so lol

_-EDMIX-_359d ago



I'm buying this for my sister (and a copy for myself) but if they are going to have issues....ima wait for that patch.

I Love my damn Sims.

Animal Crossing and Sims....2 damn Save files I DON'T PLAY WITH! Witcher 3 had a save file issue that messed me up TWICE, so bad I legit didn't play the game for like a year, then went back to it, if that never happened to me, I likely would have beat it, but we all know the feeling when you've put too much in the game ie emotion lol CDPR fixed that issue though, EA better fix this junk. Like yesterday

ONESHOTV2359d ago

why would you buy the sims 4 for the console when the superior version is already released PC

bloodyspasm359d ago

better controls too. the game seems optimal when played with Mouse + Keyboard

tactfool28358d ago

Console version of Sims 3 was designed for a controller, Sims 4 is a lazy port, and I regret buying it for my wife. We figured out how to get past the save glitch, but by then she was done. To make up, I will get Animal Crossing on her phone.

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