Star Wars: Battlefront II almost had way more Overwatch-style hero skins

Most of these ideas were dropped from Battlefront II due, at least in part, to a request from Disney's Star Wars division Lucasfilm.

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gantarat1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Blame shifting? Only thing that Lucasfilm was involved or bother is Overseers/Guidance story in game (plot,characters,weapons,vehic les,planets etc etc)

spartan112g1906d ago

Oh, didn't know you worked on this particular project. Please tell me more about the development cycle of this game, since you know everything.

gantarat1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I not know how EA make video game.

But In 2013-2014 Lucasfilm found a division call "Lucasfilm Story Group" to controls New Canon Star Wars Expand Universe Story (comics,games,novels that release after april 2014)

Skull5211906d ago

Please God no. Customizations are ruining games. I’m all for letting people do it but give me the option to not see it. Gears of War with rainbow weapons and Rainbow Six hot pink zebra camouflage are tragedies. Great way to ruin any sense of immersion.

-Foxtrot1906d ago

I don't understand why Lucasfilm would do that though, that sounds like an EA thing.

Everyone is unlocked, no star cards but if you want these skins for Luke...

Then you'd have to get lucky. Now of course I'd rather just see rid of lootboxes but if they did this for the game instead without MTs and the like then there wouldn't be any uproar.

spartan112g1906d ago

If they just had costume lootboxes, I would have bought a couple.