NBA Live 18 Review - "A fun, positive step for the series" | MGL

Rossco brings you his NBA Live 18 review as the PS4, Xbox One and PC series takes a nice step forward with much more to enjoy inc the stand-out "The One" gameplay mode.

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lptmg336d ago

I gotta admit that I'm having more fun with this game than with 2K18, being able to play a better-paced career mode with a player featuring my actual face is a blast

C-H-E-F336d ago

yup, i think next year they should add more depth to the career "the one", and balance contested shots even if you aren't a defender because some of these layups are unblock-able lol. But shhhh I play Live and 2k. I love Live's support, clothes, shows, gameplay better dunking in Live is far more rewarding than dunking in 2k lOl. 2k is the game I play when the homies need a 3rd person, live is where my heart is at this year. lOl.