Sonic Forces Review – Just Another Painfully Average Sonic Game | GameCloud

Harry Kalogirou writes: "At the end of the day, I can’t recommend Sonic Forces unless you’re a fan whose learned to look past the shortcomings of these games – especially when Sonic Mania is so good at half the price. I can see what Team Sonic was aiming for here, and they had some solid ideas. However, there’s simply nothing beyond the game’s presentation which fully comes together. If you can accept this as a game that’s merely average, you may still have a good time as the boost formula still works with its adrenaline-pumping high speeds, and the Avatar levels play okay given it feels like a lot more effort was put into them than the rest of the game. Ultimately, though, two Sonic games were released this year, and there's no question as to which one you should play."

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SegaGamer335d ago

Oh well, i enjoyed it a lot more than most obviously.