Skyrim VR Actually Made Me Throw Up, Yet I Want To Play More

Kotaku: "Skyrim released today on Playstation VR. The VR version manages to capture the game’s scale and beauty in astounding new ways, but you might need to equip a barf bag alongside your ancient nordic axe."

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Leeroyw336d ago

Can't wait. Just bought this on switch and PSVR.
See this is how you do DLC. I know it's not really DLC. But compared to season passes and loot boxes this is something I'm happy to spend money on.
Make it optional. Make it appetizing.

cpayne93335d ago

60 dollars for a six year old game shouldn't really be praised honestly. Ill be getting the game on switch eventually, but releasing this at full price is just unreasonable.

IamTylerDurden1335d ago


Wait, you condemn Skyrim VR for being a six year old game at $60 yet you state that you plan on buying Skyrim on Switch..? Are you kidding? Skyrim on Switch is simply a $60 port, how in the world is that any more justifiable than Skyrim VR? At least Skyrim VR is an entirely new way to experience the game and a landmark for VR by being the first open world, AAA RPG. The double standard is astounding.

cpayne93335d ago (Edited 335d ago )


No I'm condemning both. I'll be getting skyrim on switch when it drops in price, but both should release at lower than 60 dollars. Obviosly im not saying its ok to release it on switch at 60 but not psvr.

darthv72335d ago

@Tyler... wouldnt skyrim on the switch ALSO be an entirely new way to play? Meaning that you can take it with you on the go.

Can't both be new to some extent???

cpayne93335d ago

Actually im not condemning at all. I just think its weird to praise them for no loot boxes when what they are doing is pretty questionable.

G20WLY334d ago

@darthv72,my nephew aye most of Skyrim on Vita while travelling this summer. He remote played via PS4.

He's gutted he didn't wait to play in VR having tried it. It's a whole different ball game and a lot of work has gone into it - even levelling up feels epic!

anticooper334d ago

i bought it full price and its worth every penny, its a much better game in vr and i love it. peace:)

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il-JumperMT335d ago

You are the problem Bethesda keeps milking the worse TES.

Apocalypse Shadow336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

A true gaming trooper. Pushing through the vomit. But you got to acclimate yourself before just jumping into something that will make you sick. I worked my way up from simple VR games to movement games. Still not 100%, but I'm close. Still affected by here they lie and rigs though. Must be certain cameras.

But why is the spider thumbnail ALWAYS used? Aren't there other Skyrim photos out there?

spreadlove335d ago

I would say the vomit and your "working up to" tells the whole story and why PS VR is on clearance and developers are running for the hills while closing down studios.

Goldby335d ago

It does. It able to trick the mind into think they are actually in the game. It's simple motion sickness just like on boats and rolled who get sick reading in cars. Nothing serious.

Try harder spread

S2Killinit335d ago

Can you point me to your source please? PSVR is on sale for 299 plus a game for black friday, like every other item.

335d ago
Scatpants335d ago

Why do you hate VR? I've got an Oculus and a PSVR and they're 2 of the best things I've ever bought in my life. You Debbie Downers are really missing out.

GNCFLYER335d ago

Or VR isn't on your system so gaming wars and all..

IamTylerDurden1335d ago (Edited 335d ago )


PSVR was sold out the first 6 months after it released. Clearance? Wth are you talking about? Black Friday bundles? If anything PSVR has had a hard time matching supply to demand since release.

I personally have had almost no issues with sickness or discomfort since getting PSVR on day 1. The only game that made me feel even a little uncomfortable was the demo for Here They Lie the first week i had PSVR. Some ppl have issues but it is massively overblown imo. Skyrim VR has so many locomotion options there should be a comfortable solution for everyone. From full locomotion with the Move to flash locomotion with the move to DUALSHOCK 4 controls ect.

Developers running for the hills? Look at Bethesda, they have arguably their 3 biggest franchises coming to VR in Skyrim VR, DOOM VFR (Publisher), and Fallout 4. Look at PSVR this holiday. Skyrim VR, GT Sport, DOOM VFR, The Inpatient (Until Dawn prequal), Bravo Team, Moss, Starchild and more. Fallout 4 and a full game inspired by the London Heist demo called Blood & Truth are expected in 2018 along with games like Ace Combat 7, Golem, Dreams and more.

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Neonridr335d ago

that's a terrible idea. You should never push through it. If you start to feel sick, you should stop immediately. Pushing through could cause adverse affects in VR and will automatically trigger about instances of nausea or pain whenever you play.

S2Killinit335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

No pain, but yeah he should stop the game for like 5 seconds. He will get used to it like a sailor gets used to ocean sickness, then he can play with no problems.

Taero335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

5 seconds? Try an hour if you're at an actual close to being sick level, it's not like normal nausea where you can usually take a few deep breaths and then get going again.

Neonridr335d ago

@taero - it can definitely take a while to calm down once the nausea sets in.

Apocalypse Shadow335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Slow your roll neon. It was sarcasm.which is why in the next statement that I said you should acclimate before jumping into motion games.

I'm well aware that if you feel nausea, you should stop immediately as i tell people before using my headset.

Calm yourself. You might pop a vein. Here's the definition for you

Neonridr335d ago

@Apocalypse - my apologies, I wasn't necessarily aiming that at you. Just wanted to clarify for those less experienced. They might read your statement and think that pushing through is what "real" gamers do. I think I was pretty calm in my response, didn't use any harsh words or gave off any connotations of irritation or anger. So maybe you should calm yourself??

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philm87335d ago

The snap turning is the only thing that made me feel a bit queasy about it, but got used to it after a while, hopefully they'll patch in smooth turning soon.

TankCrossing335d ago

On the grand scale of VR Vomit Induction, smooth turning is a lot worse than snap turning. Snap turning is specifically used to combat motion sickness from turning.

Not saying you are lying or wrong though, as everyone feels these things differently. Unfortunately for me, I struggle with turning/straffing/elevation. I can just about handle running in a straight line. Hopefully I'll get better!


Yea, with stock settings, Skyrim made me a bit uneasy. I had to tweak the settings until I found something that completely got rid of the nausea factor. Turn up the strength on your "tunnel vision" while running/turning.

philm87335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Yeah the snap turning did make me feel weird at the start, but okay now, more of an annoyance of how it looks now. Not had anything else make me feel queasy. I can play Rigs fine with all the comfort controls off. Should hopefully get better for you over time. Does with most people I think.

equal_youth335d ago

First game i have no problems at all. Played Arizona sunshine with teleportation and it was awesome but i could not play it any other way. Skyrim is on another level. I can run, jump, swim, spin and fight and even after hours i can go on.

Neonridr335d ago

you can't play Arizona Sunshine with normal locomotion, but you can with Skyrim? Interesting.

Dfooster335d ago

Arizona sunshine made me feel poorly as well but Skyrim I'm absolutely fine with.

Neonridr335d ago

@Dfooster - perhaps AZ moves too quick.. not sure.

S2Killinit335d ago

Never played AZ, but Skyrim i can do no problems.

chris235335d ago

the first few minutes in skyrim vr are really jawdropping. but the shitty graphics and the antialiasing is a bummer though.

BlackTar187335d ago

This game originally debuted on N64 so that probably explains the graphics.

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