New Valkyria Game Teases Two New Characters and a “Cruiser” Before Reveal

Sega keeps teasing its new Valkyria game, and this time there is more than characters, ahead of tomorrow's much anticipated reveal.

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Aceman18386d ago

I still have to play last one that came out I'm so backlogged lol

Yi-Long386d ago

General consensus is that you can pretty much skip it completely, considering it's nowhere near as good as the first game, or the 2 handheld follow-ups...

Aceman18386d ago

That's ok I still want to play it lol

FullmetalRoyale386d ago

Still waiting to see if this is a Valkyria game like the original before I click on all of these tease posts.
That’s nothing against this post, because if the main reveal is what I want I’ll likely come back through these posts.

386d ago
Chaosdreams386d ago

If this has a similar (doesn't need to be exactly the same) gameplay mechanic as Valkyria: Chronicles, then I am interested. But if this is like their latest release, no thanks.