FIFA 18 Sells an Estimated 5.9 Million Units First Week at Retail

The football simulator game from publisher EA Sports and developers EA Vancouver and EA Romania - FIFA 18 - sold 5,899,532 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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PhoenixUp360d ago


DeadSilence360d ago

This without digital which account for 30%.

Remember when Halo 3 selling 3.8M was considered crazy stuff? Look where we are now lads.

359d ago
BIGBOSS08359d ago

Just over 1m for xbox one and almost 4.5m on ps4.. that Europe domination from Sony. The real sales are probably even more in favour of ps4.

demonicale359d ago

Yet it’s pretty much the same as fifa 17 with a new lick of paint.

Prince_TFK359d ago

And people flock to it in droves. Kindda sadden me to see yearly rehash like this outsell more deserving games such as Wolfenstien 2. Oh well...this is the world we live in.

jmetalhead77812359d ago

Kinda like Madden, NHL, NBA... I just can’t keep getting these games. Sports games used to be the only games I ever played. It’s why I like EA access, when they come to the vault I can periodically play them when I get the sports game itch.

Atticus_finch359d ago

They're always similar. I usually just buy one year of fifa every gen and that is more than enough. And I always wait for the half off Black Friday deals.

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The story is too old to be commented.