Car magazine coming out with own game, Super Street The Game

Get ready to experience Super Street right from your home! Evolved from a magazine to a lifestyle brand, we bring you the next step: the first official Super Street game. This arcade race game will bring you everything that you love about Super Street: from cars and technology to the passion to become a legendary street racer!

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Xx_Pistol_xX2022d ago

About time NFS hasn't got it right in a while. Lets hope this is good.

nix2022d ago

as long as it doesn't work like another mobile game with loot boxes thrown everywhere.

The_KELRaTH2022d ago

I need another Grid like game :)

Aquacure2022d ago

Could it be? Is this the spiritual successor to Midnight Club LA Complete?

C-H-E-F2022d ago

Nahhhh i'm sure Rockstar is working on that, watch they announce it next year right before RDR2 drops.

Liqu1d2022d ago

Keeping an eye on this. Hopefully it's good because NFS isn't cutting it.

Xack2022d ago

The developers of this just released Road Rage. Make of that what you will

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