Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Are The Worst Reviewed Pokemon Games In Japan

When Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launched in Japan, the game’s release attracted over 500 people lining up outside the largest Pokemon Center in Japan. And then things started going downhill.

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-Foxtrot332d ago

Are you surprised? I can't even believe they managed to do so well over in the west, they are just money grabbing games that Sony, Microsoft, EA, Activision, Ubisoft and the like would be crucified for.

They literally just released the same game with a small new things and an altered story...go on Youtube and see some videos of the comparisons, there's like hardly any change. I think I saw one scene later on in the game where in one version some character is present with you and in this version they are someone else.

They basically took Pokemon Stars, the third complete version and split it into two games while adding things like Rainbow Rocket to add nostalgia

Not to mention this Mega Evolution, Ultra Beast, Worm Hole thing is getting old.

Servbot41331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Because they are the same games as Sun and Moon and should have been put onto the Switch instead; that would make more sense than releasing the same games on the same system.

Teflon02331d ago

It's no surprise. Though I liked sun and moon, playing sun made me realize how weak the 3ds was and how far behing gamefreak is. They shouldn't be able to get away with such low quality games just because it has a bunch of pokemon. Sun and moon 2 (ultra) is a joke. Black and white 2 got lucky. They keep trying to push their luck. Don't know if it'll ever completely die out, or slow down but reviewers are going to call it out eventually