A Way Out Developer Speaks On The PS4 Hardware Power Controversy: ‘It Was Taken Out Of Context’

Some time ago, Josef Fares of Hazelight, the folks who brought us Brothers, and who are now working on A Way Out, made an observation that really shouldn't have been controversial- that the PS4 is not all that powerful anymore, and more resembles a five year old PC than cutting edge tech.

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Lynx02071950d ago

What is it all about? I don't understand where is the controversy in his statement. I play PS4 because exclusives are amazing, but my PC, that I bought five years ago, is still a lot stronger than the console.

ILostMyMind1950d ago

I am a PlayStation user since PlayStation exists and I agree with you.

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indysurfn1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Aubrey__ are you in the jail cell next to me? How is the scamming going bud? Same here, don't flip off the guard again okay?

You look like a hot female in your picture, remind me to not pick up the soap like you must have. I aint putting on no makeup!

Aceman181950d ago

It's just this website trying to start something that wasnt that big to beginning with. When i bought the OG PS4 and then the Pro I didn't buy it because they were all powerful. I bought them because of the games provided by Sony 1st party studios.

The games have always been the reason why I buy PlayStation and Nintendo consoles not the power. If i wanted a gaming system based purely on power I would have been a PC gamer from jump.

TheKingKratos1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

PC will always be the best place to play multiplat games
The sole reason why i upgraded from the base to the PRO to play Ps4 exclusives at their best not because Multiplat games i get to play on PC at it best if i want to
Playing multiplat games on the PRO with their higher graphics settings and super-sampling is just a bounce for me.

spreadlove1950d ago

If you wanted power and console, then you would jump on the Xbox One X. It's the best bang for your buck by a massive gap.

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Aceman181950d ago


Clearly you didn't read my post clearly enough, I dont buy consoles based solely on power its about the games on the console especially 1st party games.

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tulholdren1950d ago

I'm the same always been about the games never the power I have my pc for that. But those Sony exclusives are why I'll always have both ready to go.

DLConspiracy1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )


"and all of its games can be bought and played on a 6-800 dollar PC wich would also outperform the X"

That's simply not true. Numerous PC leaning sites who have talked about the Xbox one have stated numerous times that in order to match the power its a minimum $680 to $1000 just meet the power. To beat it would be even more money. Depending on the parts you use.

With that said. Ps4 has exclusives. That's why I own one. I only buy exclusives on it now. Everything else I buy is on PC and soon to be X.

Hardiman1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Same here. Also while I do enjoy great graphics, they aren't the whole piece of the pie. While the PS4/Pro may not be the most powerful piece of tech out there games do look amazing running on the hardware! I'm playing Assassins Creed Origins running on my Pro on a Samsung 65 KS9000 and it looks phenomenal! Also I haven't seen any games look better than Horizon Zero Dawn, The Order 1886 or Uncharted 4 despite being on more powerful machines.

For me it's what games are available for the system and as it is Sony and Nintendo have me covered. I'm having a blast!!!

andrewsquall1950d ago

@spreadlove Lol except its not out a year or 4 years like PS4 consoles. Its TOO LATE "to jump" on the Xbox this gen ESPECIALLY with nothing exclusive that is hugely promising and game changing for the console anytime soon.

rainslacker1950d ago

Consoles are never as powerful as the best PC's, and usually are a few years behind PC. It's nothing new, and there was no controversy around it being the case with the PS4.

Not everything that gets everyone upset enough to make a single comment is a controversy. More often than not, it's just some knee-jerking thing where people end up not caring.

Master of Unlocking1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

So did I. But then again I can't see any games running either on high-end gamer PCs or the Xbox One X that quite rival games like Infamous second son, Uncharted 4, or Horizon zero dawn graphically. So when all is said and done Sony must have done something right when they designed the PS4, since this 4-year old system manages to impress still (and it's far from over, too, with the forthcoming God of war, Spider-man, Ni no kuni II...)

NXFather1949d ago

Are if you were a basement bargainer you could get the x which does perform remarkably from what I have seen, of course not the highest end. Or if you were a pc hardware simpleton.

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tontontam01950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Let us put it in a nicer way so that these console fanboys won't be offended by the truth.

In other words
but not sure if his definition of cutting edge tech is this.
"When ps4 was "FIRST" released (2013) it was comparable to a ($1000 pc from 2012)."

Sokol1950d ago


Im sorry what massive gap? If you are referring to the Xbox one x somehow magically out playing ps4 pro on the visual department you must either not have the Ps4 pro or are simply uneducated with the games it offers which show very well what the system is capable...

tontontam01949d ago

What?? 19 disagrees

So who are these people?
If these are pc owners I somewhat agree that $1000 pc from 2012 is much stronger than a ps4.

If these people are console fanboys they are fucking out of their mind.

bluefox7551950d ago

Frankly, none of them are that powerful. They all use what amounts to an obsolete laptop CPU. That being said, first party PS4 developers have done amazing things on that meager hardware. Games like HZD and UC4 look better than almost any game on any platform, including PC. Developer talent will trump hardware power every time. PS4 is proof of that.

RevXM1950d ago

Yeah the Ps4 pushes some amazing visuals, but that is down to optimization and wizardry on the game developers part. I wasnt impressed by the specs when the Ps4 launched, but even if the specs were just mediocre and sort of weird (Sata 2, only 2 usb slots, no CD support etc) it is well streamlined with solid built in features and a dedicated background proccessing unit.

A high end pc today absolutely runs in circles around the ps4 in raw power capability and even back then you could build a more impressive system from off the shelf parts granted you wanted to invest some money.
PC ports have been superior most of the time with a few rare exceptions that boils down to developers making shitty or poorly optimized ports to the PC like Arkham city.

That wasnt really the case when PS3 and 360 launched when you could maybe throw something together with a higher spec gpu and more memory, those systems were pretty high end and the cpu's especially were impressive along witht he bandwith speed of the memory in each system.

Honestly I am ready for next gen now, but it probably is a little while longer until we hear or see anything about them. at least a another year, and at the very least a another year and a half until a next gen system launches. with a more likely late 2019 or early 2020 release.

In the meantime the games that sony pushes out for the current system looks mighty fine even though the system is quite dated in terms of raw performance.Driveclub and Uncharted 4, Horizon all look really good to me and TLOU part 2 trailer was in engine so its about what to expect from that game running gameplay in realtime, I regard the last trailer as a target render at this time. surely gameplay demos, a vertical slice will be shown in the nexts 6 months I am sure and we will see more accurately what we will get once AI, and physics, player inputs etc is thrown in to it. comparing Uncharted 4 reveal trailer, with early trailers and gameplay showings to the final game I do not doubdt they will get close if not hit that same fidelity in the final game. U4 reveal trailer only looks a tiny bit bettter and later trailers and gameplay showings are more accurate as to what it ended up looking like. :)
Cant wait to see some current gen clickers in action.

bluefox7551950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

After the UC4 trailer debacle and the heat they took for it (despite the end product honestly being not that far off at all IMO), I expect them to be even closer to the mark this time. Which is pretty damn incredible. Technical wizards for sure. The hardware is definitely starting to show it's age, but man, it's amazing what they can squeeze out of it. Can you imagine if they were developing for PC?

SirBradders1950d ago

Alot stronger but poorly optimised. Let's face it regardless of whether your playing a pro or X the games will look better on the exclusive front and Perform better per £.

That's not to say if you got the money then you really do have true 4k.

GamingCentaur1950d ago

There’s no controversy. It’s GamingBolt.

Tko11111949d ago

What exclusives do you play that’s not on pc? Just want to know for discussion sake

babadivad1949d ago

Exactly. PS4 and X1 were old technology when they launched.

NXFather1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Did you buy a mid end pc 5 yrs ago? If so scale down to weak pc.
EDIT: Scale down for the PS4 being a weak pc from 5 years ago.

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Cmv381950d ago

Im just now hearing about this. Of course the ps4 isn't considered a powerful console any more. The xbx has that title. But people are buying the ps4 to play games not pixels.... some one else suggested gamers do that.... just can't remember who.

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Indigon1950d ago

Looking at Horizon Zero Dawn I beg to differ.

Razzer1950d ago

Sony first party is on another level.

spreadlove1950d ago

Imagine if Horizon was done for the Xbox One X. It will look even more stunning.

dRanzer1950d ago

Imagine it with i7 8700 and 1080TI SLI
With 8K display.stunning

Blastoise1950d ago

Yeah it'd have like, slightly crisper grass textures or something. Can you imagine?

Pancit_Canton1950d ago

That's what PS4 Pro are for.

Razzer1950d ago

Well...that is about all Xbox owners can do. “Imagine”

Aceman181950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

That be hard since it seems M$ 1st party studios dont seem to have the freedom to create new IPs, or lack the willpower to create one.

UCForce1950d ago

If only MS let 343 and Coalition do their own thing, it would be so much better for them to refresh their mind. Also, I will say this to you again. Stop being cultist.

bluefox7551950d ago

X? If they were too branch out, why would they limit themselves to X? Imagine what they could do on PC.

Cuzzo631950d ago

Yea that would be a sight to behold. But unfortunatly, MS dont invest in anything of that caliber. Imagine if Xbox had anything other to offer than the usual 3. They would actually give Sony a run. But.... Easy pickings for PStation

snoopgg1950d ago

Microsoft tried something like that. I think it was called scalebound. Let me ask you, how did that work out for them. Lol

ecchiless1950d ago


Darn man, you just rekt the poor xbone fan.

rainslacker1950d ago

Yeah, maybe MS should get on making something on that level.

northpaws1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

And that's what we (Sony supporters) have been saying, exclusives push consoles to their limit, give them a unique identity and are generally more hyped, look at the 5 nominees of the "Most Anticipated Games" for the games awards 2017, 3 of them are Sony exclusives, why xbox fan boys don't want more exclusives is just beyond me.

Even though I gave up on Xbox after Xbox 360, I would still love to see Xbox One X's new exclusives, true exclusives that push the hardware to its limit, games that can't be played anywhere else, when that happen, I will be one of the first to grab an Xbox One X.

Edit: I think the major difference on why Sony is more successful than MS in terms of exclusive is, Sony cares about the games but they understand the most important things are the relationship with their 1st party developers, how to keep them healthy by letting them create what they want, and we gamers can feel that, we are excited about Naughty Dogs' next game, not just simply the next Uncharted. But MS, they just keep the franchises and let the developers go, they just want to have Halo after Halo, don't care who make them, when a developer is simply just building on another developer's success, it is not as meaningful and can't have the same passion.

GamesMaster19821950d ago

Yep and that is about as close as you xbone fans will get to the quality of a PS4 exclusive is by using your imagination

tontontam01949d ago

"Imagine if Horizon was done for the Xbox One X. It will look even more stunning. "
You just pointed the exact reason why you should choose ps4 over the xbox one x.

Lol you are doing fanboyism wrong .
This comment is like shooting your self in the face.

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2cents1950d ago

You beg to differ, regarding the fact that the PS4 is not as powerful as new high end hardware based off of a game?

This is the exact thing that is being discussed. Disillusioned fans countering facts with opinions that have nothing to do with the statement. Instead push 'but my console is the best with the best games'.

It's not about how good a game is on a certain platform. The point here is about people not being able to differentiate their fan boy outlook from reality. Mixing conversational topics and reducing every conversation into a console war battle.

Cmv381950d ago

Looks like you just gave your......2 cents.

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Razzer1950d ago

It is a fair point whether Xbox fans like it or not. The best looking games are still Sony exclusives. Yap about resolutions and power all you want, but what matters are the games that are actually made.

bluefox7551950d ago

@Wooly Jesus, you have no room to talk bud.

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ninsigma1950d ago

Hmmmm seeing as this is the first I'm hearing about it, I'm willing to bet it wasn't that controversial.

ShadowWolf7121950d ago

No, but seeing as the article preview makes sure to lay it out in detail, I'm willing to bet Gamingbolt REALLY wants it to be.

rainslacker1950d ago

I don't even know what's controversial about it. Consoles aren't as powerful as some PC's. It's nothing new. It's usually equivalent to the average PC at the time of release, but tends to have more staying power due to being lower level, and being able to get more out of the some developers show.

cliveo321950d ago

Its always been about games just look when ps2 was ageist the og xbox look how that turned out